Unikie joined the cybersecurity organization Finnish Information Security Cluster: “IoE without encrypted communications is Irresponsible”

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The technology house Unikie became a member of the cybersecurity interest organization Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) in March. A forerunner in intelligent machines, cars and industrial applications capable of real-time decision-making, Unikie develops technologies for secured real-time processes. Integrity and reliability of network traffic are essential prerequisites for applications. Cybersecurity has become a significant part of Unikie’s business operations.

“We find it very important to be part of the Finnish cybersecurity sector. Through FISC, we can participate in building an intelligent and data-secure internet of everything. We firmly believe that Finland’s future success story will be based on connecting vehicles, people and processes securely and in real time with augmented artificial assistance”, says Seppo Kuula, CEO of Unikie.

”Cybersecurity is increasingly involved in all sectors of societal functions. It has become a central part of critical infrastructure, business operations, national security, and everyday life of all citizens. The cyber sector needs experts and cooperation. Unikie’s expertise on cybersecurity can widely benefit the society”, says Mika Susi, Executive Director of FISC.

Unikie’s solutions are concentrated at the intersection of three global macro trends – IoE, 5G, AI – where Unikie’s technologies enable constant awareness of the environment as well as consequent decision-making and control. Deep technologies developed by Unikie are being used in automotive industry, port logistics and telecommunications.

“Our infrastructure to vehicle (I2V) and artificially assisted process automation technologies enable real-time process control, but the steering infrastructure poses a significant security risk if data traffic is not encrypted. Therefore the confidentiality and integrity of data forms a significant part of our progress in technology”, Kuula points out.

Ensuring secure data traffic is essential

Along with the rest of the world, Finland is transitioning into a real-time economy that operates on critical data traffic. The transition to information society has already led to an explosive growth in data security breaches. Unikie sees data security as a key factor for sustainable development and success in society. In addition, Unikie envisions its own role as a critical enabler of secure automation and data traffic in societies and all business sectors.

“Ensuring secure data traffic is one of our core areas of product development, not only for our own business but also from the wider viewpoint of a secure society. We believe that technologies built in Finland are secure and trustworthy, even in the long run”, Kuula explains.

FISC holds the same views. “A successful, expanding Finnish cybersecurity sector is a central prerequisite for Finland to thrive in the international context from the viewpoints of economy, security, and sustainable development”, was FISC’s message for the budget framework talks on April 19, 2021.




Unikie Oy

Unikie is a software solution house that develops technology for secure real-time processes. The services focus on the crossroads of three global macro trends – IoE, 5G, AI, where Unikie’s technology solutions enable continuous environmental awareness and decision-making and monitoring based on it. Unikie’s customers are pioneers in the use of real-time data in the automotive, industrial and telecommunications industries around the world.

Founded in 2015, Unikie is Finland’s third fastest growing technology company (Deloitte 2019). In 2020, net sales were EUR 33 million. The goal for the coming years is to continue to accelerate international growth as demand for Unikie’s artificial intelligence, deep technology and security solutions grows rapidly globally. At the end of last year, Capman Growth and Tesi came to finance the company’s growth. Unikie employs nearly 400 software developers in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and the United States. Customers include Sandvik, Nokia, Valmet and Ponsse.


Finnish Information Security Cluster – Kyberala ry

Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC; Kyberala ry in Finnish) is a cybersecurity interest organization and networking platform. Its members include major national organizations and partnership members providing information security and cybersecurity products and services. The association is part of Technology Industries of Finland. Its aims are to expand and internationalize its members’ business opportunities, to promote the extensive utilization of cybersecurity expertise in society, and to create useful networks with all stakeholder groups. Cybersecurity affects the whole society – we are building a secure and successful digital Finland.


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