Unikie kicks Android Automotive development into high gear

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Unikie strengthens its foothold in Android Automotive development and has opened new Android development units in Kuopio, Finland and Szczecin, Poland. Unikie has been working with the Android operating system in the Telecom sector since the company’s early stages, and the latest successful projects with automotive players have created a solid body of experience and expertise. Investing in the Android Automotive business is a natural continuum for this.

Android Automotive is an operating system widely chosen by the world’s leading car manufacturers. Software for in-car infotainment systems is no longer always the car manufacturer’s own but can be based on an open-source operating system tailored to the needs of each brand. Android Automotive can be used to create Infotainment systems that provide a digital experience and integrate downloadable applications into car functions.

Unikie creates and sells technology and product development services for autonomously controlled devices, real-time process control and the development of networked and terminal devices that enable secure data transfer. There is a high demand for Unikie’s technology and know-how, as the ongoing global revolution around digitalization is forcing companies to take their operations to a new level using artificial intelligence and automation. Unikie has been working with cutting-edge companies for a long time, enabling it to leverage its experience and expertise in industries that are becoming increasingly aware of the business benefits of digitalization, and the challenges that may rise from not being able to offer their customers something new and efficient. Unikie’s competitive edge is the extensive know-how of the entire Android ecosystem.

“Android Automotive expertise is an important addition to Unikie’s autonomous driving and other expertise in the Android ecosystem. We have been heavily involved in developing the Android Automotive operating system with OEMs. The achievements of the Unikie team are already visible in the first commercially available production cars,” says Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer of Unikie’s Automotive business unit.

Unikie opened its development unit in Kuopio, Finland, in March 2021. During its first year of operation, the unit has grown into a team of ten experts – and dozens of new experts will be recruited this year. The second Android development unit was established in Szczecin, Poland in late 2021 and already employs several developers. These development units, the Android Automotive Development Centers, together form an entity that utilizes the cooperation of top experts from Finland and Poland. Together, they create a competitive advantage for Unikie’s customer companies through new technology and improved usability, which in turn will also benefit their customers – the car users and owners.


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Vesa Kiviranta, Chief Business Officer, Automotive Business, Unikie
vesa.kiviranta@unikie.com, 045 872 3421

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Unikie in brief

Unikie is a pioneer in real-time data processing. We connect vehicles, people and processes using constant awareness of the environment. We support the competitiveness of leading companies in the automotive, manufacturing, mining, ports, and Telecom sectors, among others, by developing technology for sensor data-based autonomous driving, industrial AI and automation solutions, and secure connectivity and communications. We operate in a global marketplace and harness the almost limitless potential of the Internet of Everything (IoE), advanced 5g network connectivity and artificial intelligence to build a smart and secure society. Unikie is one of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies (Deloitte 2019) and the ICT company of the year 2021 (Tivi). Our close to 500 top software professionals work in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the United States and Estonia. We work with several leading car manufacturers and technology suppliers, such as BMW, Ford, CARIAD, and our customers also include industrial and telecom companies, such as Sandvik, Nokia, Valmet and Ponsse.


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