Unikie expands operations in Germany via acquisitions

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Market for automated parking to grow in Central Europe

The software technology company Unikie continues to grow. Unikie has acquired the business of Boftel in Poland and expanded operations to be closer to the German premium car manufacturers. This acquisition brought to Unikie a group of talented software developers with long experience in the fields of data communications and the automotive industry. This fresh know-how is put to especially good use in the car industry near German customers.

Esko Mertsalmi”We have invested heavily in the German car market with a strong product focus on autonomous operations. The development has been favourable and there is an increased need for automated parking, especially in the car industry. We are at a point where local delivery capabilities must be improved, particularly in these challenging times”, reasons Unikie’s CEO Esko Mertsalmi.

Moving forward, Unikie will continue to seek further growth.

”We aim to keep growing – also in Germany, both organically and via targeted corporate acquisitions”, Mertsalmi adds.


Automated parking will bring huge cost savings

In industrial premises, moving vehicles without drivers will bring massive cost savings. The market has shown great interest in Unikie’s Automated Factory Parking solution and there are great expectations for it.

Vesa Kiviranta”Moving vehicles automatically on the manufacturing line and transferring them to temporary storage can soon be automated. Major car manufacturers estimate saving tens of millions per year”, says Unikie’s Vesa Kiviranta who oversees business operations in Germany.

Unikie was founded in 2015 and is a technology company focusing on demanding device-edge-cloud based software solutions. The company’s main segments include the automotive industry, intelligent machines, industry 4.0, and data communications. The spearheading product is Unikie AI Vision, a total solution for autonomous driving (AD) that is scalable to the global market.

Unikie has operations in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and the United Stated with more than 300 software engineers. The company has set high goals for growth, aiming for the +100 MEUR category. Based on current market demand for Unikie’s expertise and technological solutions, strong and profitable growth is expected. Some of Unikie’s customers include: Sandvik, Nokia, and Valmet.


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