Unikie partners with Mender to boost device lifecycle management

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Unikie has just announced a new partnership with Mender. Mender offers robust, secure, and customizable over-the-air (OTA) software updates for smart devices at scale and supports powerful extensions to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot smart devices.

Specifically, Mender helps Unikie’s end customers to implement key parts of device lifecycle management faster and more smoothly. That enables Unikie to serve its customers better with a larger catalog of services and products, and enhanced service level. This cooperation aims to support the increasing need for holistic security measures and constant upgrades of connected products.

“At Unikie, we see the world getting more connected every day with a plethora of products turning from non-connected to connected. The traditional companies which have been in product development with “launch and forget” type of products are evolving to digital product companies with connectivity at their core. This change needs a totally new set of tools to manage the growing fleets of connected products and their updates and maintenance. Security and upgrades are one of the foremost needed services in device life cycle management”, says Jouni S. Salo, Director, Business Development and Ecosystems at Unikie.

Markus Jakobsson, Chief Business Officer, Connectivity Business Unit at Unikie, explains the rationale behind the selection of Mender as a partner.

“Unikie is a best of breed service provider that brings all the elements together for rapid IoT device development. In this case with Mender, the end customer can put device lifecycle management processes in place quicker and get their product out to the market faster.” Markus continues: “Our end customers want to make their products connected and to gather the data for key insights to inform decision making. Reliable over-the-air (OTA) software updates and device configuration are essential as part of this process of machine data collection, transfer and analysis.”

Markus has also been interviewed in the Device Chronicle on the demand for connected products and advanced AI and autonomy-based services in different industries. Read the article here.

Trond Hermansen, Head of Partnerships at Mender, explains the strategic value of partnering with Unikie.

“When we are looking for potential partners, we focus on finding companies that have the ability to provide exceptional value to our customers. In Unikie, we have a partner who not only ticks that box, but also shares our perspective on honesty and transparency as key parts of business culture. Mender users will now be able to benefit from Unikie’s global footprint and a growing number of software professionals covering all aspects of embedded software development.”

Learn more about Mender.

Additional information:

Markus Jakobsson, Chief Business Officer, Connectivity, Unikie
markus.jakobsson@unikie.com, +358 400 749 835

Unikie in brief
Unikie is a pioneering engineering company focused on enabling smart spaces. We bring intelligence and continuous situational awareness to machines, vehicles and infrastructure to create safer and more productive environments for people and business. Our technology and services meet at the heart of three global macro trends – IoE, 5G and AI. We offer the best software, data, security and quality engineering services and technology.

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