Unikie stars as Sfara Preferred Partner – improvements in road safety

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Palo Alto, CA.

“Unikie has been selected to work with Sfara as a Preferred Partner.  We are looking forward to creating exciting technology for everyday safety with Unikie” says Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara Inc., the US based technology development company. The groundbreaking work around technology and artificial intelligence (AI) focuses on making life safer for everyone. Leveraging machine learning (ML) and secure mobile environments is aligned with Unikie’s goals and mission for offering exceptional deep tech software development technology and resources to combine safety and security with everyday solutions.

Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara

Erik Goldman, CEO, Sfara Inc.

Utilizing Unikie’s autonomous vehicle development and automated driving for testing and developing, Sfara has shortened the time-to-market on its mobile safety solution, which offers 24/7/365 AI coverage for detecting crash situations. The solution and the technology have been already adopted by one of the world’s largest luxury automotive manufacturers and showcased in their spearhead production vehicle. In the selection of development partner for mobile safety, the automotive manufacturer conducted a rigorous evaluation and testing program of mobile solution providers in the market, seeking a technology that stands up to its standards. As a part of Sfara’s development network, Unikie played a part in offering development knowledge and technology to reassure the end client. Unikie’s pioneering work around machine learning, machine vision, realtime process management and secure connectivity are also valuable in creating secure, safe and reliable solutions in the future.

Jussi Mäntynen

Jussi Mäntynen, GM, Unikie Inc.

“Development of secure and reliable AI through solutions utilizing machine learning and machine vision is a key factor in Unikie’s offering, and we are glad to be able to work as a Preferred Partner of Sfara in bringing safety and security to everyday life” says Jussi Mäntynen of Unikie Inc. “We are pushing large investments in technology development especially in respect to the automotive industry, the manufacturing industry and secure systems. This is an excellent partnership to bring our work accessible to even more automotive manufacturers and other industry areas” he continues.

For Sfara of course, the key to successful partnership is that their customers get solutions taking them to the next level while creating solutions that are robust and ready for production. With successful results from field test conducted and supported by utilizing Unikie’s and Sfara’s autonomous testing laboratory / hybrid car, affectionally named “Sally”, Sfara was able to take their solution to even harder testing with its own customer. “We conducted all imaginable live collision tests in from, rear, and offset positions, plus against immovable objects. The technology performed even better than we could have hoped for” says Sascha Simon, Sfara’s Founder and Chief Science Officer.

Sascha Simon, Founder and CSO, Sfara

Sascha Simon, CSO & Founder, Sfara Inc.

Ari Valtanen, Sfara

Ari Valtanen, CTO, Sfara Inc.

In the future, Unikie will be working in various projects with Sfara. Sfara is enabling a mobile revolution in safety and control. Sfara’s patented AI technology and global platform transforms the smart phone into a secure mobile safety and analytics solution, available as a GDPR-compliant SaaS offering to partners in the mobility space, including automakers and mobile network operators. “Unikie’s experience in the automotive and the telecom sector, including embedded and mobile technology development, supports Sfara in developing cutting-edge solutions for safer mobility and life” says Sfara’s CTO Ari Valtanen.

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Jussi Mäntynen, General Manager, Northern America and Middle East, Unikie Inc.

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