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Tags: Hardware design, Hardware architecture, EDA design software
Tags: Linux, Cryptography, Windows Application Management, Network Device Management,, Security Fusing
Tags: Python, Linux, CI/CD, DevOps, Testing
Tags: FPGA, VHDL, ASIC, Xilinx
Tags: C, ARM, Linux kernel
Tags: C++, 3D Graphics, OpenGL, Vulkan, DX12
Tags: ARM, Virtualization, KVM, Qemu, Embedded Linux, seL4, Device drivers, Kernel
Tags: Python, C, C++, Unreal Engine, Unity, ROS, ROS 2, UAV hardware
Tags: Java, Python, C, C++, Databases, ARM, REST APIs, Free RTOS
Tags: Python, C, C++, Unreal Engine, Unity, Embedded systems, ROS, ROS 2, Gazebo, UAV hardware
Tags: Embedded systems, HW, Hardware design, Hardware integration, Hardware validation, PCB design tools
Tags: System Architecture, HW, Pixhawk ecosystem , PX4 Software Development
Tags: Python, FPGA, VHDL, Verilog, Vivado, Protocols
Tags: Java, Node.js, React, Angular, Typescript, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Spring, TypeScript, SW Development, Google cloud
Tags: Linux kernel, Vulnerability, Cybersecurity, Yocto
Tags: Embedded SW Development, C, C++, Linux, Security, Network Security
Tags: Python, AWS, Test Automation, CI/CD, DevOps, Testing, Robot Framework
Tags: Embedded SW Development, C, C++, Linux, Embedded systems, Automotive, Telecom
Tags: C, C++, Linux, ARM, Rust, Linux kernel, RISC-V, Embedded Linux, Device drivers, Yocto, System integration
Tags: Python, C, C++, Linux, ARM, Rust, Golang, Hypervisor, Virtualization, Security, Embedded Linux, Kernel, Firmware development, Dynamic binary instrumentation
Tags: C, C++, Linux, ARM, Linux kernel, RISC-V, Qemu, Embedded Linux, XEN
Tags: C++, Linux, System Architecture, Automotive, Autosar, QNX
Tags: C, Testing, Robot Framework, Embedded Linux, network protocols L2/L3
Tags: Python, Azure, C, C++, JavaScript, Linux kernel, Device drivers, Yocto
Tags: C, C++, Rust, Embedded
Tags: Android, ARM, Embedded Linux, Linux system, x86
Tags: Embedded SW Development, C, C++, Linux, Qt, Autosar, QNX, QML
Tags: Linux, ARM, Embedded, Linux kernel


Unikie is growing fast and every month we hire multiple new talents to join our success story. Due to the fast changing environment, it is not always possible to list all of the open positions we currently have available. Therefore, even if you wouldn’t find a perfectly matching job opening, we still suggest you to contact us – we might have something interesting to offer for you! The best way to reach us is to send us your cv.

Our recruitment team is always happy to discuss with you, so if you wish to talk before submitting your application, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Anni Keränen
Head of Talent Operations (Oulu)
+358 50 476 2825
Anniina Jaatinen
Talent Acquisition Specialist (Tampere)
+358 50 570 4031
Tinna Kalajo
Talent Acquisition Specialist (Tampere)
+358 50 477 7216
Sarianna Dardaillon
People Business Partner (Helsinki)
+358 40 573 6235
Anna Fomina
Talent Acquisition Specialist (Estonia)
+372 565 61334
Selma Moring
Talent Acquisition Specialist (Helsinki)
+358 50 406 4992
Maarja Saar
Talent Acquisition Specialist (Estonia)
+358 50 911 4951