System integrations

Integrations create bridges between systems

Any company where data is processed via more than one IT system will require bridging the gaps between the various systems as operations expand and the amount of data increases. Large companies in particular may employ dozens, even hundreds, of systems and manually keeping all data up to date within the systems becomes impossible. Smaller companies, as well, often utilise several systems and transferring data between these is simply not feasible. In these cases, system integration is required.

We implement system integrations between the systems you are currently using so that data no longer needs to be transferred from one system to another manually. This will save time for your core business and for serving your customers. Integrations can be used to connect different systems such as ERP, customer management, HR, online store platform, stock management, and financial administration.

Once the data flows from the various systems are combined, the result can, at its best, be completely novel data entities with which you can boost your operations and service your customers even better.

Strong experience of integrations of various fields and functions ensures high-quality implementation

We have carried out system integrations for the needs of, among others, sales, product management, invoicing, and logistics. One of our key strengths as a system integrations provider is, first and foremost, our understanding of the system-specific differences and the architectures of the various systems. We know what it takes to make the different types of system combinations function with one another, and that is why we are able to implement highly functional system integrations extremely effectively.

Agile integration services in customer-specific scopes

We do things rather than just talk about them. We invest in agile operations, in reliable quality assurance, and in working methods that enable us to transfer even the smallest amounts of data between systems in a highly efficient manner. We help our customer to create a functional and durable whole of their systems, with good potential for further development and the possibility of adding new systems as required at a later point. We provide you with integration services in exactly the right scope for your needs – anything from a quick consultation to a complete, ready-to-use integration between multiple systems.

Ensure seamless flow of information with the tool

We have developed a tool with which you can monitor the transfer of data from one system to another: tracks the data flow between systems and locates the points where data transfer has issues. It can be used on any integration platform.

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