Test automation

Top-level testing both for implementations developed by us and for those of other parties

No system or application is ready before it is tested and the detected faults are corrected. For us to be able to guarantee the quality of the implementation, we must know which parts of the system are tested manually and where to use automation. If testing is not done carefully – or is overlooked altogether – the worst-case scenario for the end result is a useless implementation that can translate into considerable loss of revenue and decreased customer satisfaction.

We test IT systems, software and applications, and system integrations. To reach a functional and user-friendly implementation, we test it systematically and according to a specific plan. We carry out testing both for implementations developed by us and for those of other parties.

Thanks to our long-running development and testing know-how we can determine which parts of the implementation are better suited to manual testing, and where testing automation can provide a more cost-efficient solution. We are aware of the key issues in different types of implementations and fields of business, and can focus the testing accordingly so that the most critical areas are covered.

Test automation experts with extensive experience have in recent years migrated towards developing software robotics and bots. Our testing team can thus also provide assistance to our customers in software robotics projects.

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