Silvio Quevedo, an experienced Senior Software Engineer: “Understanding the big picture is essential to do any task”

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Coding, salsa, and baseball. This could be some hints if someone wanted to play a game of guess who with you. I believe you would not have to ask many questions to find out who is this mysterious person because such a mix is ​​quite unique. 

In 1996 he graduated at the University of Technology in Havana. He moved to Finland in 2005, and after that many new opportunities for further education and work have opened up to him.  An “The most interesting thing was to start using Open-sources, which has not used before in my country.” he says. He compares it to like opening a whole new book about software. It was a great challenge to learn and start to use and integrate them.

Silvio Jesús Quevedo Vázquez has been working at Unikie as Senior Software Engineer for over two years. He decided to join Unikie in August 2017 after his son was old enough to go to school. Unikie offered him an opportunity to work on very interesting projects which were the most important impulse for him to accept the offer.

Creating the UI design for Unikie Drive

At the moment he is working on an internal Unikie Drive project related to the automotive industry and creates the UI design for it. “The project is in a phase where collecting requirements and adding features and at the same time doing prototype for different clients. After that we will have more clear information about our upcoming work and responsibilities inside the project,” says Silvio.

Working on the basis of a clear assignment is one of the key requirements for him. He likes to have a well laid out plan in writing for each project that everyone would know exactly what they should do. It is something that helps new people to join a project and keep on board of what they are doing or have already done.

More than twenty years of working experience has taught him that must have a clear and comprehensive overview of the whole project to do any task. He advises not to be afraid to say aloud whenever anything is unclear or that you do not have the required knowledge.

“It’s ideal when a newly learned skills can be tested and implemented immediately”

Believe that even an experienced man like Silvio is still learning something new in his work. As he says it is ideal when a newly learned skills can be tested and implemented immediately. At the moment the new thing he is familiarising himself with ReactJS and other integrations technologies. Simultaneously he has used at work, for example, Node.js, Angular, JavaScript., Amazon Web Service, Serverless computing, Lambda functions, Database in Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MongoDB too.

During his working career, he also noticed that people are currently coding a lot but writing much less than in the past. They tend to write only after everything is done and not systematically during the process. Nowadays it is quite usual that the information is not completed so it becomes less clear for other users than it has been in the past.

Member of the Finnish baseball national team

If we stay on the topic of comparison, Silvio realizes that there is a difference between Latin and Finnish culture. “For me, it’s good to mix both,” he says with a smile. The constant smile on his face and jokes are one of his distinguishing marks. But you do not have to worry about becoming a victim of bad jokes. Respect for others is one of Silvio’s most important rules.

He appreciates Unikie gives him the chance to be better at his work. He likes how open the company is, how it generates good results and that there is a nice mix of international cultures.

Silvio has a lot of hobbies out of work. In his youth, he attended a sports school and played volleyball. Over time his passion for the sport only inclined. As he says, he must do some exercise every day to sleep well at night. Silvio spends a lot of time in the gym working out for his own enjoyment and also he has been an instructor for over 10 years. He has no problem dropping sportswear and dressing up more elegant clothes because his second big passion is the Latin dance with salsa being his favorite. Another Silvio’s dear hobby is baseball. Since last year he is even a member of the Finnish national team! After all these hard exhausting activities, the real Finnish sauna is the best refreshment.



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