Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Towards increased safety

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Unikie is a global developer for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). We develop state-of-the-art technologies for car and vehicle manufacturers (OEM) in support of automotive safety and driver assistance solutions. 

Using Unikie’s ADAS technology, we can decrease the number of human errors and add multiple pairs of eyes in every direction. Computer vision and sensors can identify and foresee situations that us humans might easily overlook.

In traffic semi-automated solutions help the driver by sensing the environment and detecting objects. The vehicle’s sensors scan the environment and based on the advanced Machine Vision and Machine Learning algorithms and AI solutions, the vehicle automatically takes actions (e.g. Automatic Emergency Braking) or alerts the driver to act in the situation (e.g. Driver Monitoring).

Our ADAS development is based on Unikie AI Vision, which is a hardware independent Machine Vision and Machine Learning framework. It enables fast development of various realtime applications using realtime data.

ADAS technologies can be used in various industrial verticals and use cases. Unikie has industry-leading ADAS solutions not only for OEMs, but also for heavy equipment manufacturers in industries like forestry, mining and agriculture to name a few. Through automation and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems we can reduce human error and increase safety.



AD and Adas high level building blocks

Many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are based on situational awareness, enabled by various sensors and AI generating huge amounts of data. This data is then filtered and processed in order to get sufficient information for higher level components to make decisions about path planning, safety actions and assisting the driver overall.

Unikie’s ADAS solutions are based on our AI Vision framework where most of the fundamental data processing happens. On top of that, we have built various car safety features and even capability to fully autonomous driving.

AI Vision is a highly customizable framework processing data from LiDARs, cameras, radars, GPS, and other sensors through open API’s. Many functions require successful sensor fusion of various data sources in order to produce robust and accurate conclusions. For example Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) can utilize data from Lidar, Radar and IMU and car data, like steering wheel angle. The best object detection accuracy is also achieved with Lidar-Camera sensor fusion.

Unikie’s ADAS equipment can be used in either in-vehicle systems or edge/cloud computing systems where sensors are located outside of the vehicle. We can also utilize third party data sources, like weather data, through connectivity.

The system can leverage secure wireless network connectivity to offer improved value by using Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X) data. Cloud-based services and the Internet-of-Things are essential parts of Unikie’s development dealing with automated driving.

Key features of our solution

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Path planning and path tracking
  • Vehicle control and driving algorithms
  • Object detection and classification

Flexible and versatile application programming interfaces allow AI Vision to be used in a vast array of application specific control solutions.

different use cases to utilize the ADAS technology

Dynamic safety zones

Adding safety is one of the main goals in most ADAS systems. Collision Avoidance and Automatic Emergency Braking are fundamental building blocks of any safety feature set. By utilizing our Situational Awareness components and these safety features, we can build dynamic safety zones either to stationary areas or around moving vehicles.

Customizable Dynamic Safety Zone can either make local or remote alarms or even cancel all operations when unwanted and hazardous behavior is detected in the safety zone area.

Driver monitoring system

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) brings safety functionality to all vehicles improving road safety. Unikie’s DMS monitors the driver‘s behavior and alerts in situations where deficiencies in driver activity are detected.

By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, our AI enabled algorithms can draw conclusions about a person’s alertness, attention and focus.

Dead reckoning

Dead Reckoning can give the most accurate estimations of the position of your vehicle, while GPS/GNSS information is not available, such as in tunnels. This creates a smooth and constant position information available to the driver through built-in navigation clients.

While Dead Reckoning may not be a direct safety feature, it can allow other safety features to utilize your position information for maximized safety.


  • Partner with a clear commitment for ADAS in accordance with business, technology and system specifications
  • Broad management and technology experience from automotive, software and hardware development to project and business development
  • Specific and deep knowhow of High Denifition maps and models, ADAS software and systems and cloud-based IT systems
  • Experienced team with deep market and technology knowledge in Automotive and Tech industry
  • Awarded project management and Scrum experienced professionals
  • Flexible and focused engagement, loyalty and punctuality
  • Cost efficient and effective resources
  • Dedicated team, ready to stay and ready for expansion
  • Deep knowhow of 5G networks through our Telecom sector professionals and cooperations


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