AI powered soft sensor solutions

Looking to improve your industrial product? We are here to help.

Would you like to get more value out of your industrial product offering? New technologies – including machine vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence – unleash new valuable data from existing data sources. By mining insights from this data in real-time you can elevate your industrial products to be more intelligent, efficient and cost-effective throughout their whole lifecycle. Here’s what you can get.

New insight from current equipment

Don't add new data - replace it with new insight.

With Unikie's solutions, you can get real-time data from existing sources and create new understanding about your industrial product offering you haven't seen before.

Added value to product lifetime

Want to increase the lifetime value of your existing products with additional services or new features?

We can make your current-generation products more intelligent, efficient and cost-effective throughout their whole lifecycle.


Collecting new data from existing products can be tough, as fitting new sensors is often complicated.

We utilize data from your existing products, so you don't have to worry about installing new sensors.


Our solutions are here to help you gain new insight about your current-generation products and create added value to your customers – without installation of new hardware. Check out how we took material handling equipment to the next level.

Improving material handling efficiency with AI powered soft sensors

How to increase the lifetime value of existing equipment? Unikie and BMH Technology partnered to create a software only solution for new, real-time insight of the production line.

The solution utilizes existing shredder system parameters to measure in real-time the throughput of a shredder with more than 95% accuracy.

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