Automated Valet Parking (AVP)

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Making valet parking an automated experience

Unikie’s Automated Valet Parking solution is designed to make valet parking an entirely new experience with automated services. With automated valet parking, automotive manufacturers and car park operators can offer their customers new services, time savings and new added value. The entire customer experience can be produced digitally through a dashboard or mobile application.

Automating parking area or garage traffic reduces risks of accidents and offers possibilities for new automated services such as:

  • Automated charging of EVs on demand (the charged vehicle can be moved from the charging bay to a new spot freeing the bay for other vehicles)
  • Automated car wash service
  • Quick car drop-off and pick-up
  • Fast online vehicle software updates
  • Automated winter/summer tyre changes
Automated EV charging
We are currently building a demonstration on Autonomous Valet Parking in our fully operational development and test facility located in Turku, Finland.


The demonstration of our Automated Factory Parking solution which is a close relative to Automated Valet Parking has been operational for some time and showcased to a number of OEMs. Please see the “sneak peek” version of our demonstration. You can also request a live demonstration or the full demonstration video of the solution.


Want to see the full demonstration of our Automated Parking Solution? Our full demonstration, filmed on a live showcase presentation, includes video inside the vehicles, video of the LiDAR point cloud, the Vehicle Mission Control Platform (Control Hub).

Full Factory Parking Demo

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The technical key idea behind automated valet parking is to remotely plan and control the movement of multiple vehicles in real time using a centralized and automated vehicle mission control platform (Control Hub), which defines and shares the mission route and specifications for specific vehicles.

The missions defined by the control platform may vary depending on the need for services. Each vehicle can have its own mission plan and the vehicle will be maneuvered accordingly.

The AVP solution uses HP Mapping and Sensor Fusion from multiple sources (LiDARs, Cameras, Radars, etc.) for highly accurate localization and positioning of a specific vehicle and Edge Computing to relay the maneuvering commands to a vehicle through a secure network connection.

The AVP system uses the cars telematics, electric power steering, automatic gear box and cruise control to remotely control its movement as if the car had full Level 4 autonomous capabilities. The control algorithms can plan maneuvers and guide cars more accurately than a human driver would producing precise and repeatable results while simultaneously moving and parking a large number of vehicles safely.


Private cloud based realtime 3D • Situational Awareness • Environmental Model

- Sensor fusion
- Object Detection, Tracking, Classification
- Positioning & SLAM
- Reactions to changing weather conditions
See details
Planning and operations • Control and traffic • Analytics • AI and MLP

- ISO Standard compatibility
- Secure Vehicle Control and Trajectory planning
- User interaction
- Communication
See details
Mapping of Physical Environment with realtime updates

- Map creation
- Infrastructure connected sensors
- Lidars, Cameras, Radars etc.
Simulations • Moving obstacle models • Sensor models

- Based on CARLA open source simulator
- Simulations based on real maps
- Weather condition simulation
- AD Vehicle model simulation


Our Automated Valet Parking solution offers a framework based on a solid development roadmap which is being developed with multiple operators and manufacturers. Would you like to participate? Here are a few advantages of using Unikie as a technology provider:

  • Partner with a clear commitment for automated driving on business grounds and according to business, technology and systems
  • Broad management and technology experience from automotive, software and hardware development to project and business development
  • Specific and deep knowhow of High Definition maps and models, ADAS software and systems and cloud-based IT systems
  • Experienced team with deep market and technology knowledge in Automotive parking and Tech industry
  • Awarded project management and Scrum experienced professionals
  • Flexible and focused engagement, loyally and to the point
  • Cost efficient and most effective resources
  • Dedicated team, ready to stay and ready for expansion
  • Deep knowhow of 5G and secure communications networks through our Telecom sector professionals and cooperations

Sales persons

Vesa Kiviranta
Chief Business Officer, Automotive
+358 45 872 3421
Karl Klein
General Manager
+49 171 624 0476
Petri Talala
VP & General Manager
Northern America
+1 408 888 8927
Jussi Mäntynen
General Manager
Northern America and Middle East
+1 669 207 9954
Niclas Österling
Sales Director
+46 72 566 31 11
Jussi-Pekka Peltonen
Sales Director
+358 45 672 7257
Lauri Kolari
Sales Director
+358 40 824 7634

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