Autonomous operations at closed area

Heavy industry can enhance safety and productivity through automation and intelligence. Unikie has developed AI technology that allows autonomous driving in operating environment, such as plants or logistics areas.

Unikie has created an efficient framework for the development of autonomously controlled heavy duty vehicles and machines in closed areas. The solution uses edge computing and combines various stationary sensors for full and accurate control and detailed situational awareness. This enables cost efficient autonomous operations in dynamic and challenging environments and conditions. The system can maneuver an unlimited number of vehicles accurately even in confined spaces and crowded areas along with other transport in the area.

The solution builds on public or private 4G/5G wireless network, camera, lidar and radar sensors, advanced AI based machine vision and real-time edge computing solution. It can control vehicles without autonomous driving functionality as if they had Level 4 autonomous capabilities. The system enables loaders and trucks to drive autonomously and avoid collisions more efficiently than a human driver.

We are currently working with a number of global car manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) through non-disclosure agreements.


The Autonomous Operations for Heavy Machines solution uses the same technology as used in the Factory Parking solution. The vehicle does not need to have the capability for autonomous driving, because the control of speed, maneuvering, situational awareness and reaction to unexpected events is managed by the external system. 


The key idea behind autonomous operations is to remotely plan and control the movement of multiple vehicles in real time using a centralized control hub. The system uses the vehicles telematics, electric power steering, automatic gear box and cruise control to remotely control its movement as if the vehicle had full Level 4 autonomous capabilities. The control algorithms can plan maneuvers and guide vehicles more accurately than a human driver would producing precise and repeatable results while simultaneously moving and loading a large number of trucks safely.

Unikie AI Vision is a highly customizable sensor agnostics SW solution for self-driving vehicles and machines. AI Vision is capable of continuous real-time 3D modeling of the environment with centimeter-level accuracy, fusing together information from LiDARs, cameras, radars, GPS, and other sensors.

It contains a highly sophisticated library of AI enabled algorithms to implement features such as

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • path planning
  • vehicle control
  • object detection
  • tracking
  • classification.

Flexible and versatile application programming interfaces allow AI Vision to be used in a vast array of application specific autonomous driving and control solutions.


Private cloud based realtime 3D • Situational Awareness • Environmental Model

- Sensor fusion
- Object Detection, Tracking, Classification
- Positioning & SLAM
- Reactions to changing weather conditions
Go to AI Vision
Planning and operations • Control and traffic • Analytics • AI and MLP

- ISO Standard compatibility
- Secure Vehicle Control and Trajectory planning
- User interaction
- Communication
Go to Control Hub
Mapping of Physical Environment with realtime updates

- Map creation
- Infrastructure connected sensors
- Lidars, Cameras, Radars etc.
Simulations • Moving obstacle models • Sensor models

- Based on CARLA open source simulator
- Simulations based on real maps
- Weather condition simulation
- AD Vehicle model simulation
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Benefits of our solution

Our autonomous operations solution using self-driving heavy equipment offers a framework based on a solid development roadmap. Here are a few advantages of using Unikie as a technology provider:

  • Partner with a clear commitment for automated driving on business grounds in accordance with business, technology and system specifications
  • Broad management and technology experience from automotive, software and hardware development to project and business development
  • Specific and deep knowhow of High Denifition maps and models, ADAS software and systems and cloud-based IT systems
  • Experienced team with deep market and technology knowledge in Automotive parking and Tech industry
  • Awarded project management and Scrum experienced professionals
  • Flexible and focused engagement, loyalty and punctuality
  • Cost efficient and effective resources
  • Dedicated team, ready to stay and ready for expansion
  • Deep knowhow of 5G networks through our Telecom sector professionals and cooperations



Our solution can be used in multiple heavy industry solutions which benefit from autonomous guidance.


Autonomous guidance can be used in agriculture to direct the knowledge and manpower to managing instead of hands-on activities.


Operation of heavy machinery on mining areas through automation reduces the need for workforce and adds security.


Do you have ideas for using our solutions on your industry? Contact us for more information.

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