Bluetooth Positioning

Track and locate your assets with bluetooth low energy

Do you have a high number of objects that need to be tracked? Bluetooth Low Energy positioning solutions enable more accurate and cost-efficient asset tracking for various types of spaces, such as warehouses, stores and similar settings.

Smart Retail

Gain new insight on customer behavior by identifying store hotspots, heatmap insights, most used routes and much more.

Smart Warehouse

Manage your material flow by tracking the movements of your assets and keeping up-to-date inventory.

Smart Hospital

Track and locate your medical devices and machines in no time with the best accuracy in the market.

Smart Buildings

Manage the people flow in working environments and other buildings.


We help you gain new insight using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), offering BLE localization algorithms as well as BLE software customization and integration services. See our Bluetooth Positioning Demonstration for retail environments below.

Why Bluetooth Low Energy?

BLE-based RTLS (Real-time locating systems) solutions are scalable to large volumes of tracked objects with high precision and moderate cost compared to other positioning technologies.

Unlike QR codes or RFID tags, Bluetooth tags don’t need to be actively scanned to be read. The continuous reading of Bluetooth signals allows a realtime awareness of the items, while other technologies usually just give a snapshot of the present. Bluetooth is often a standard feature in different devices and access points enabling the use of existing infrastructure.

Create your own BLE-based RTLS solution with Unikie


We offer a BLE positioning engine for edge or cloud and position data APIs.


We offer mature BLE positioning algorithms that can be used with any standard BLE locator and tag solutions.


We offer BLE firmware development and customization services for your hardware.

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