Control Hub (Vehicle Mission Control Platform)

Control Hub is a vehicle mission control platform (VMP) for planning and operating automated vehicle operations. All the data from vehicle and infrastructure sensors comes together in Control Hub making traffic monitoring, route management and predictions about bottlenecks possible.

The solution enables an overall driving and parking strategy, supervision of all vehicles and objects, and specific missions for each automated vehicle. Control Hub optimizes your business in time, cost and processes.

Control Hub works like an air traffic control for various industrial or automotive use cases, such as automated factory or valet parking for autonomous cars, or automated depot or industrial plants for the monitoring and control of autonomous tractor units or shuttle traffic. The solution has unique utilization capabilities in various industries and processes.

Unikie's two test cars driving indorrs on the bottom, Control Hub screenshots on the top
Example of dashboard visualization (route, vehicles, parking spaces, obstacles), situational awareness (LiDAR view) and real-life situation (camera view).


How does Control Hub work?

Control Hub offers a digital representation of the environment and vehicles. It is achieved by creating a HD map including functional areas, such as driveway, pedestrian-lane, different kind of parking spots, as well as by supervising position, speed and maneuvers of all vehicles on the area.

Secondly, Control Hub includes an operations center for mission management for each individual vehicle, optimized driving strategies and patterns, flexible interaction and changes, as well as handling of emergency cases.


  • Containerized microservices
  • Event driven architecture
  • Async High-performance & Stateless API
  • Cloud ready (AWS support)
  • On-premise deployment ready


Mission Control

  • Supervision, scheduling and overriding
  • Mission examples: parking, charging, washing, loading, sweeping, unloading, queuing, etc.
  • User-defined strategies
  • Vehicle / FLeet

  • Adding vehicles: automated/manual
  • Routing: static, dynamic, manual, AI-supported
  • Collision avoidance
  • Map Creation

  • LIDAR-based/Manual/Machine Learning-assisted
  • Area Management

  • Management modes: static, automated, manual
  • (Sub)area management: creating, (de)activating
  • Scheduling activities
  • Traffic control, incident management
  • Data Management

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Customizable Admin Dashboard
  • Integrations

  • ERP, Front Desk, Dashboards, EV-charging systems
  • Secure API provided

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    Benefits of our solution

    Control Hub makes fleet management more cost-effective, safe, and preventive. Here are a few advantages for our clients:

    • Design of optimal driving strategies – as planned
    • No wasted times for drivers
    • Repeatable processes
    • Exact calculation of times, e. g. ETA
    • Parallel driving with no additional effort
    • No damages at vehicles and surrounding objects
    • Narrow parking and use of driveways for parking
    • Change of vehicle positions without effort, e. g. for EV-Charging and cleaning
    • Vehicle Mission Control is independent from local Automated Valet Parking/ Automated Factory Parking provider
    • AVP Mission Control can be used for all different kind of vehicles e.g. cleaning machines, fork-lifts.


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