Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) brings safety functionality to all vehicles improving road safety. Unikie’s DMS solution monitors the driver‘s behavior and alerts in situations where deficiencies in driver activity are detected. The system is important in semi-automated cars, where the driver does not have to be in an active driver role at all times. The benefits for professional drivers such as truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc. are also undeniable.

Unikie’s Driver Monitoring System monitors driver’s alertness and concentration. Our AI enabled algorithms can draw conclusions about a driver’s attention, drowsiness and microsleeps by detecting a person’s eye, face and head movements and can alert the driver in time.


  • Fatigue Recognition
  • Driver distraction – using a mobile
    device while driving, etc.
  • HMI and cluster lighting adjustments
  • HMI and cluster interaction and
  • Driver Recognition
  • Passenger Count / Passenger Recognition
Driver Monitoring System with Forciot
Unikie’s Driving Monitor System was launched to the public along with Forciot at CES in January 2020. Photo: Forciot


Unikie’s Driver Monitoring System is based on algorithms of character recognition of Unikie AI Vision. Software solution system is camera-based interior monitoring system and can be used with different kind of cameras, also with infrared cameras. Based on AI Vision’s algorithms, case-specific warnings can be built. 

DMS monitors the driver and identifies the following areas:

  • Face recognition
  • Face orientation
  • Eye recognition
  • Direction of gaze



  • SW SDK (with open APIs)
  • RGB, IR and Thermal sensors Support
  • AI based Face Recognition
  • Advanced real-time iris direction tracking
  • GPU based HW Acceleration Support
  • ARM and Intel Architecture Support
  • 30 FPS and Full HD Support in NVIDIA Jetson Support for all in-car networks
Driver and Passenger Monitoring System

Benefits of Driver monitoring system

Driver Monitor System improves road safety by detecting the signs of a drowsy driver and by alerting the driver with attention warnings. In automated and semi-automated vehicles DMS plays very crucial safety role, since drivers no longer have to be permanently actively driving the vehicle and might easily loose the focus. 

Here are a few advantages for our clients:

  • Flexible turnkey solution for vehicle manufacturers
  • Easy to change camera/sensor
  • Easy to configure alarms
  • Hardware agnostic (Nvidea Jetson Nano used as a reference hardware)
  • The tailored solutions can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, and it allows other systems, such as automated driving to be integrated seamlessly

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