Machine Vision and Machine Learning Solutions for Industrial Use

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The advanced automation of industrial production processes through machine intelligence and machine vision allows many industries to take their business to a new level. With machine intelligence it’s possible to improve quality of products, increase overall efficiency of the production lines and increase performance.

Unikie has created technologies that  allows computers to sense as humans do through the acquisition, processing, and analysis of digital images and videos. Object Detection requires AI enabled algorithms to identify specific details within an image, such as bad quality in the production line.

Unikie’s technology solutions contain assets that can be utilized in any and all machine vision solutions – for example quality management in assembly lines, guiding machines in warehouses, identifying types of trees in a forestry machine application – solutions are endless. Unikie AI Vision empowers new solutions anywhere where machines need to recognize objects, people or animals etc.

Unikie AI Vision can be used in various industrial verticals and use cases.

Robot IoT

Services for Manufacturing

• Quality Management
• Inventory Management
• Sorting
• Assembly Line
• Custom Object Detection


Unikie’s machine intelligence technologies are based on Unikie AI Vision product. Ai Vision is a sophisticated, hardware independent Machine Vision and Machine learning framework, that enables fast development of various Real-Time applications. It contains a highly sophisticated library of AI enabled algorithms to implement features like object detection, tracking, classification depending on the application. 

Unikie AI Vision is a sensor fusion solution for real time detection. AI Vision is capable of continuous and real-time 3D modeling of the environment with centimeter-level accuracy, utilising – in addition to LiDAR – several other sensors such as stereo cameras, ultrasound radars, GPS, and acceleration transducers. An additional feature of AI Vision is the shape recognition with which moving persons and other environmental obstacles can be identified also in extreme conditions.

Benefits of our solution

Here are a few advantages for our clients:

  • improve quality of final products, increase performance and increase overall efficiency of the production lines (e.g wood processing industry)



Unikie is certified to TISAX3 level, which means that Unikie’s operations meet the highest security standards set by the European automotive industry.

The criteria defined for the TISAX assessment level 3 concern companies that process highly sensitive product development information of their business partners.


Do you have ideas for using our solutions on your industry? Contact us for more information.

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