Object Recognition with Machine Vision


Do you need a functioning object recognition solution that utilizes AI? Our market-proven solution is now ready for delivery. 


  • Quality assurance, ability to identify anomalies and their root causes and create Machine Learning and AI based predictive solutions.
  • Ability to recognize products and their variants for example on a production line.
  • Safety

  • Ability to recognize if a human is in a wrong place such as a dangerous or a restricted area.
  • Ability to stop a process in case of a recognized hazard or an error.
  • Logistics

  • Track and trace your cargo, containers, wagons, trucks, etc. in real-time.
  • Ability to detect and recognize custom objects and text in cargo transports through a variety of identifiers (e.g. sticker, text, sign on a truck, train etc.)
  • What is it?

    Unikie AI Vision is a hardware independent Machine Vision and Machine Learning framework that enables fast development of various real-time applications. It contains a highly sophisticated library of AI enabled algorithms to implement object recognition. Unikie AI Vision can be used in various industrial verticals and use cases.

    AI Vision allows a wide variety of applications for example in manufacturing, safety, logistics and any cases where it is important to detect, recognize and act in real time depending on the situation.

    Market-proven and commercially available

    Do you want to make your manufacturing systems more efficient and consistent, the workplace safer, or your logistics processes visible in real time? Our object recognition solutions are ready to help you with your needs. 

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