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POLO – Port Activity App provides a new toolset for ports to improve the overall efficiency of port flow, covering the end-to-end chain of actions and operations related to vessel visit. It is a user interface for port digitalization and communication based on open ecosystem and open interfaces, strengthening collaboration both inside the port community and between ports.


It creates an ecosystem for awareness, automation and autonomous operations using four layers:

  • Knowledge: a centralized place of information and common situational awareness
  • Communication: a digital toolchain replacing traditional phone calls and emails
  • Workflow: enabling a shared workflow for efficient port operations and extended planning horizon
  • Intelligence: optimizing business operations with real-time data analytics and AI

POLO – Port Activity App is developed in collaboration with ports and port professionals, supporting all hands-on port operations. A native mobile application is available for port actors on the move.

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POLO – Port Activity App integrates all port area functions in a timely manner, providing a virtual operation room for port operations. The solution can be leveraged in all types of ports regardless of their systems or operating procedures.

We are constantly developing the application further based on the requirements from ports. We have open interfaces for any new system to be integrated. The stability of integrations is secured with Aino.io based monitoring system.

Activity View

Increase your situational awareness using all data related to port calls, vessels, agents, berths, and the status of the port.

See all timestamps and notifications in real-time with Activity View.


Get a better visibility of the vessels having port call on a map. It’s possible to see vessel speed & distance to port and additional information received from the AIS.

By using Berth Planning tool, it’s possible to add upcoming vessels, which don’t have a port call yet, and see them immediately on the map. By using Global AIS, it’s possible to see all vessels anywhere in the world.


Get actual timestamps and receive automatic push notifications for vessels arriving to the predefined geofence area(s).

Possibility to add several areas on the map by Port (pilot boarding area, fairway, harbour area etc.).

Vessel Calendar

Improve your planning horizon by viewing all vessels on timeline using ETA-ETD information from port calls. Vessel Calendar view is automatically populated from Port Call data and there is no possibility to modify those entries.

By upgrading to Berth Planning tool there will be several additional features available supporting the whole planning process.

Global AIS

Get unmatched full map coverage of AIS, see approaching vessels for your port and populate the vessel list automatically days or weeks ahead of arrival. It will also be possible to use the following additional features:

  • Automated ATA and ATD timestamps to berths and anchorage areas. This can be used as an input in the vessel’s timeline or even to generate an invoice on departure.
  • Access to 48 hours AIS recording. You can backtrack an arrival or departure of a vessel. Or perhaps you want to show how vessels have arrived to your port by putting all AIS routes on the map?
  • AIS speed & location history
Global AIS in POLO Port Activity App

Fleet View with Sea Passage

In Fleet View you will be able to:

  • See the status of several ports at once using timeline and map
  • Use advanced filters for Vessel timeline to visualize and get warnings if sea passage will have an effect on arrival to next port
  • Increase your situational awareness by utilizing data about arrivals, departures, available berths etc. from the previous ports
  • Track vessels anywhere in the world and show if they are stationary or moving
  • When route to next port is available, it’s possible to estimate sea passage time based on the speed and distance
Fleet View in POLO Port Activity App

STatistics Dashboard

Besides visualization of the port call process and the berth planning tool, you will now be able to dig even deeper into the data. This is done by dashboards in a completely new module.

See modular bars, dashboards and tools to get insights about your port’s most important KPIs.

Export data in either PDF or CSV format to utilize it in your external BI tools or sheets to create your own charts.

Dashboard in POLO Port Activity App

Service Order

Enable a unified process for all service orders at your port. Make it easy for everyone to track and follow the status of the service orders and ensure correct data for invoicing.

It is also possible to get service order warnings, confirmations, alarms either via SMS or automated alarm calls.

New service orders always generate an email to the Service Provider. It is now possible to acknowledge and deliver those orders via a simple email link – no need to sign in to Port Activity App.

Weather information

Rapidly changing weather and wind conditions may cause unexpected problems for ports, such as grounding, ship collisions, and damage to port area machinery. Prepare for changing weather conditions with real-time observations for the port area.

We offer weather information free of charge from Aeris Weather, or you can integrate any port-specific weather station information to POLO Port Activity App.

Sea level data is also part of our weather module and it’s possible to visualize the data using public or private data sources.

Weather information in POLO Port Activity App

Berth Planning Tool

Plan your port operations several weeks ahead. Locate vessels to berths and bollards (position & direction) for better visibility of the total capacity.

Vessel list is populated automatically via port calls or AIS or manually by users. It’s also possible to add berth reservations for maintenance or other activities.

Predictive Berth Planning tool

On top of the Berth Planning tool we have created a functionality to predict the duration of the unloading and loading operations based on the efficiency of the cranes per commodity and different shifts. Using this functionality it’s possible to get very accurate ETD times which leads to more efficient port operations. For Just-in-time operations predictive ETD calculation is one of the needed factors.

When commodity, amount, operation type and shift is added, the tool automatically shows the duration of the operation and gives possibility to adjust shifts, for example, from normal to non-stop or to non-stop +overtime if operations are done 24/7.

Predictive Berth Planning in POLO Port Activity App

Integrated Invoicing

Create and generate an invoice easily to your accounting system via invoicing API. Define a complete pricing matrix for mooring and unmooring services based on vessel type, tonnage or different time of the day. Any port call related cost for invoicing may be added to the pricing table.

It’s also possible to add customer invoicing details directly to the invoicing module. Vessels having waste exception permission are also added to a separate list to avoid NSF admission.

Live ETA

POLO Port Activity App offers four different Live ETA calculations in the Vessel Card for better estimation of the arrival.

Port call ETA is based on agent’s ETA information. On top of that, we can show the vessel’s own AIS destination & ETA information, calculated live ETA for Pilot Boarding Point & Berth, as well as Dead Reckoning ETA using distance & speed.

All these together make it possible to have the best understanding of the real arrival time of the vessel.

Live ETA in POLO Port Activity App


POLO Port Activity App offers two market proven approaches for more efficient port operations that are challenging the current First-come-First-served principle.

POLO Just-in-Time is based on Berth Planning Tool. Polo gets the port call schedules either through integration from shipping companies and agents, or they are created manually. In case the plans and schedules need to be changed at port, the information goes immediately back to the shipping company’s own planning system enabling them to react accordingly.

With the POLO Time Slot system, Just-in-Time has taken one step further. Vessels or representatives of vessels use POLO to apply for a queueing ticket. Based on berth availability, the system will automatically return a Recommended Time of Arrival (RTA). POLO will automatically update and inform vessels in the queue in case of any changes.

POLO JIT tool enables better planning and improved situational awareness for ports, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emission, cost savings and increased predictability for vessels and shipping companies.

Just-in-Time feature in POLO Port Activity App

Success Stories

Logo of Fintraffic

Port Activity App boosts the efficiency of port flow

Fintraffic VTS has a strong role in developing and commercializing Port Activity App. The aim is to encourage other countries around the Baltic Sea to join the ecosystem.
Logo for Port of Kokkola

Continuous development towards port digitalization

The Port of Kokkola was among the first ports to introduce the port application in early 2021. Now the development continues and new functionalities are co-created.

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