Port Flow Optimization (POLO)

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Unikie Port Flow Optimization, POLO, provides an ICT solution for cooperation between the key players in the port, including vessels, land operations, pilots etc. It is a synchronized real-time data sharing tool and warning system automating manual work into IoT-based machine-to-machine work. With this solution, a smart port can achieve a zipper-like operating model. The solution integrates all port area functions in a timely manner when ships arrive in the port. This allows optimization of operations, including inland operations

The purpose of the solution is to streamline and simplify the port actors’ operations and also to get a digital communication channel for vessels. Unikie Port Flow Optimization (POLO) is a port call synchronization and optimization tool that enables all key actors to have the operative information of the logistics chain to transparently align their activities. One basic principle of the solution is that port actors share their estimated and actual times (ETA, ETD, ATA, ATD) regarding certain states in the port call process as a minimum set of data. Integrated back-end systems ensure smooth operation.

Unikie Port Flow Optimization provides a scalable, cost effective and robust solution for ports. Contact us for various use-cases.

Arrival, At Berth and Departure can be seen live on the app

POLO is in operation and has been developed in co-operation with the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) at the Swedish Port of Gävle and the Finnish Port of Rauma. 


The Port Flow Optimization is a robust and at the same time a very flexible solution because on Aino.io, which is a smart integration platform developed by Unikie.


Unikie Port Flow Optimization is a single information access point for ships and all port actors. It integrates all relevant backend and IT-systems providing an intelligent management center for port operations.

The stability of complicated integrations is crucial. In our solution this is secured with an Aino.io based monitoring system. Unikie SPSR offers a centralized place for status of vessels coming to port and leaving port. It allows the possibility to control time of arrivals (just-in-time arrivals) and machine-to-machine communication with STM/VIS vessels.

Port Flow Optimization is published as open source which means the is no provider lockdown . It is a harmonized cutting-edge solution with minimal costs. The solution can be leveraged in all types of ports regardless of their systems or operating procedures. Hinterland operations are also able to connect to the application.

For ease of use and accessibility the solution is available as a browser-based desktop and native mobile applications for Android and iOS. Solution can be run either in cloud or on-premise systems.

Benefits of our solution

Unikie Port Flow Optimization provides streamlined operations with a single interface for secure communication between ships and all port actors. Information exchange improves when port actors share their estimated and actual times regarding critical operational states – mainly ETA/ATA (Estimated/Actual Time of Arrival) and ETD/ATD´s (Estimated/Actual Time of Departure). Here are a few advantages for our clients:

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Secure and monitored flow of information
  • Port actors can send notification of unexpected events and deviations from schedule
  • Improved planning horizon
  • Optimized capacity
  • Energy savings and more environmentally friendly port operations
  • Step away from ”Firefight” mode
  • Open Source solution, no vendor lock
  • Non-dependent of used systems – new integration points are easy to add


Unikie is certified to TISAX3 level, which means that Unikie’s operations meet the highest security standards.

The criteria defined for the TISAX assessment level 3 concern companies that process highly sensitive product development information of their business partners.

TISAX certification is mainly used in the European automotive industry but offers a validation of secure development operations for all industries.


Our solution can be used in heavy industry or logistics solutions which benefit from automated and monitored information flow.

Unikie Port Flow Optimization can be integrated with other automated or autonomously controlled machines within the port area to offer minimal process interuptions.

The situation room can quickly support manual information input as well as machine-to-machine (IoT) integrations.


Do you have ideas for using our solutions on your industry? Contact us for more information.


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