Realtime Quality Dashboard

Unikie creates AI-based dashboard solutions that provide information on the end product quality for the manufacturing machine operators to perform quality improvements.

Realtime Quality Dashboard provides an overall view of the quality performance in production line. The solution is based on combining machine vision sensor data with production data, and analyzing them using diverse visualization approaches, as well as applying machine learning methods for anomaly detection, prediction and forecasting.

In addition to overall view of the quality measures, solution shows the trend and forecast of quality, as well as key product parameters affecting quality.

A Person holding a tablet and using a dahboard for Quality Control


How does the quality dashboard work?

The key components of the solution are:

  • Dashboard on a Business Analytics tool, visualizing the production quality holistically from diverse perspectives
  • Realtime integration to and management of quality measurement data on the shop floor
  • Machine learning models for anomaly detection, timeseries forecasting, and parameter importance identification


The Realtime Quality Dashboard enables a comprehensive realtime view on the manufacturing process and end-product quality. Here are a few advantages for our clients:

  • Monitoring of the holistic production performance in realtime
  • Discovering production bottlenecks and anomalies
  • Identifying trends and forecasting production quality
  • Increasing manufacturing yield and reducing costs

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