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The RCS business case

RCS Business Messaging allows application-to-person (a2p) and person-to-application (p2a) use cases offering richer features than the old school SMS texts and faster service than traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services. 

RCS business messaging enabled devices can interact with business chatbots to get instant customer service, receipts and tickets or make travel reservations easily. As a telecom service, RCS business messaging does not require the user to register anywhere in order to use RCS business messaging, the subscriber identity of the SIM card is used to identify you. 

Business Messaging features

Unikie RBM APP

The Unikie RBM app enables RCS based A2P and P2A on any device, including Android and iOS, regardless of native built-in support for RCS. The Unikie app offers access to all the carrier bots and brands and is focussed on the business message experience. The app can be deployed using application stores or by pre-installing the app on OEM handsets.

Unikie RCS Business messaging solutions

Unikie implements carrier Business Messaging for any device or service that wants to tap into the growing RCS Business Messaging (RBM) platform. We offer:

  • Carrier messaging apps for devices without native RBM support
  • Support RBM in your existing apps using the Unikie RCS SDK
  • Cloud-hosted or in-network RBM bot implementations
  • Customized end-to-end RBM services including apps, bot directory and bots
  • Automatization of customer care services with RBM


Markus Jakobsson
Sales Director
Voice & Messaging
+358 400 749 835

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