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Cost savings with Voice over LTE and WiFi

2G/3G/4G operators can cut costs by discontinuing their 2G and 3G network but face issues in how to provide services to subscribers with non-VoLTE handsets. Similarly, 4G-only Operators can save costs by minimizing roaming in other MNO 3G networks but face challenges to move all their subscribers to 4G due to non-VoLTE devices still in circulation.

Offloading Voice calls to Wi-Fi is appealing to both carriers due to cost-savings and to consumers due to better coverage and call quality. The carriers who can offer the service to not only high-end new handsets but also existing device base has a clear advantage on the market.

Offloading Voice calls to Wi-Fi is appealing to both carriers and consumers due to cost-savings, better coverage and improved call quality.

Unikie LTE/WiFi calling apps

The Unikie Voice 4G apps are designed for the fragmented Android environment. The apps bring Voice services to any LTE capable phone running Android 4.4 or higher, either via a download from an application store or preloading. If a user is lacking VoLTE/VoWiFi capabilities on their phone, they can download the app and start calling right away using their SIM, without the hurdle of needing to purchase a new phone to move to LTE based Voice services.

Unikie also offers natively integrated iOS Voice apps for customers who cannot enable VoLTE/VoWiFi support from Apple. Support starts from iPhone 5 up to the latest flagship models.

Utilize your IMS.

The Unikie apps are fully compatible with standard IMS networks and do not need any additional VoIP servers to be installed or integrated to the network. The apps follow the IR.92 specification as far as possible, meaning they register with SIP to IMS, authenticate against HSS user information and support the default HD VoLTE codecs such as AMR-WB.

Calls between the Voice apps and VoLTE devices work smoothly as do CS break-out or break-in calls without changes in the network. As calls are routed via the same network elements as native VoLTE there are no additional network integrations nor new monitoring or charging integrations and call KPIs for app calls can be seen directly from IMS.


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