Unikie Voice business solution

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Business call management

Business calling solutions using virtual numbers, hunt groups and multiple identities can be managed via an app to allow for flexibility of corporate and private needs and mobility outside the office.

  • Manage multiple virtual numbers on a single phone
  • Use different identities for placing business calls
  • Get additional information of each incoming business call
  • Manage hunt groups via your app
  • Switch between private and corporate identity via your app

Unikie Voice Business solution

The Unikie Voice Business app allows advanced corporate call management services via integration to network APIs. In addition, the Unikie apps include full softphone functionalities, allowing users to extend the business calls to secondary mobile devices, tablets or desktops. Operators can therefore maximize the benefits of business line subscriptions and extend One Number solutions to multiple devices and multiple users.


Markus Jakobsson
Sales Director
Voice & Messaging
+358 400 749 835

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