VoIP and VoLTE Applications

Carrier Voice over Data services

Mobile data network operators can utilize their data network to offer efficient and low-cost IP Voice calls over data for subscribers. In addition, by allowing public internet access, the subscribers can use the Voice service over any data provider such as Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data from other carriers. By leveraging the carriers own mobile data network and offloading calls to WiFi and other operator data networks, our customers can offer compelling Voice over Data services with competitive rates for:

  • Unikie VoLTE/VoWiFi app solutions
    • Enables VoLTE and VoWiFi services on devices without native support
    • Allows faster sunsetting of 3G networks
  • Unikie Fixed-line Mobility solution
    • Allows making and receiving fixed-line number calls on a mobile app
    • Compatible with standard IP phone terminals
  • Unikie OTT Voice over IP solution
    • Enables a cost efficient voice service on a data-only network
    • Downloadable client solution for all handsets for fast rollout
  • Unikie Corporate Voice solution
    • Enables virtual numbers, hunt groups, multiple identities and one-number solutions that can be managed via an app
    • Manageability of both corporate and private needs


Unikie Voice services have a 20-year history rooted in the digital mobile network development boom in Finland. We have a wide range of customer success stories in Voice over LTE, Fixed line and Wi-Fi utilization of Unikie Voice. The product has over 1 million live users globally. Check out our cases and projects.

Unikie Voice apps

The Unikie Voice apps allow carrier voice calls over any data connection and on almost any mobile phone model. A customized voice service can be launched very rapidly using downloadable applications. The service can be monetized via affordable minute-rates, advertising or in-app services and purchases.

The Unikie app offers all normal IR.92 call services such as MO/MT calls, Conference calls, Supplementary services etc., all over data. Using push notification services of Apple, Google and Huawei, the apps can work in the background with limited battery consumption. Voice call statistics and KPI metrics are gathered from apps to help analyze network efficiency.

Two screenshots of mobile phones using Native Call UX and Unikie Voice Call

Benefits of Unikie Voice apps

Same solution for all devices

  • An easy to maintain Carrier Voice service for all devices across OEMs and OSs
  • No dependencies on OEM support

Fast roll-out via app stores

  • Users can bring their own device
  • Android 6.0+ and iOS 10+ supported

Pure native user experience

  • Calls via native UI and APIs, with excellent audio quality
  • SMSs via native SMS app on Android

Low investment cost

  • Uses all the same network elements used for native Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE services (IMS, SBC, HSS, ePDG, etc)

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Unikie Voice solution

The solution components are:

  • IR.92 and IR.51 based applications for Android and iOS phones and tablets as well as Windows PCs and Macs
  • GSMA RCC.14 based auto-configuration server for seamless app provisioning and configuration
  • Push Notification Services with integration to Apple, Google and Huawei Push services to enable battery efficient Voice applications and smooth call flows

The Unikie apps are fully compatible with any standard IMS network or SIP servers, but Unikie can also provide a “light-IMS” system. This VoIP backend consists of SIP proxies and Media servers that route calls efficiently in the network and integrate with charging and provisioning systems. This enables IP calls over the data network with minimum investment.

Why choose Unikie Voice?

  • Cut costs of Voice calls: Voice calls can be seamlessly routed over IP whenever possible in Wi-Fi, mobile data and roaming
  • Cut network costs: Operators can drop 3G support earlier using Unikie Voice app for non-VoLTE/VoWiFi devices
  • Increase IMS utilization: Unikie apps run on standard 4G/5G IMS core elements, from any vendor
  • Go OTT with your Voice: Operators can offer an Over-The-Top Voice services on any bearer, including Wi-Fi, Fixed line or other MNO mobile data
  • Extend the same MSISDN to multiple devices, ideal for fixed-line services
Two screenshots of mobile phones using Unikie Voice

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