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One of the hottest current topics is self-driving vehicles. Driving is undergoing a change and the whole attitude towards moving seems to be in a transition. Optimizing the commute and boosting one’s time management via intelligent travel is beginning to be a thing of today.

AI Vision | Simulator | Drive

Self-driving cars have existed in the themes of both movies and science fiction literature for a long time now. In recent years, cars have received many features that make driving easier, such as lane departure warning, parking assistant, and target identification – all of these provide first steps towards automated driving. The above-mentioned functionalities are so-called Partly Automated Driving (PAD).

At the next level, the car will start steering itself although the driver still always needs to remain near the wheel. Going further, we will have situations where the driver can fully – albeit momentarily – become a passenger and let the car do all the driving on its own. This adds comfort to driving, particularly on longer trips, as the driver gets a chance to relax and enjoy the ride.

Using technology, we can decrease the number of human errors and add multiple pairs of eyes in every direction. Computer vision and sensors can identify and foresee situations that us humans might easily overlook.

Collecting and utilizing data

Unikie Drive is a cloud-based data collection platform that gathers data from various sensors and then analyzes and visualizes the collected information. Drive can be set to collect all location-based data in, for example, moving vehicles, but meaningful additional information can also be derived from third sources such as moving or positioned sensors.

Machine learning and computer vision

Unikie AI Vision is an application that uses the data it receives from sensors to form a 3D model of its environment. The application can identify objects and people in its surroundings and can estimate, among other things, an object’s direction and velocity. It can observe the environment, learn behavioral patterns based on these observations, and react to a similar observation in a desired fashion.

Automatic LiDAR test data set generation

Unikie Simulator is a multi purpose tool that makes LiDAR and autonomous technology development easier. It can simulate different kinds of environments (e.g., city, highway, harbor, mine). It also provides realistic physics and functionality for cars, heavy machinery, and ships.

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