Factory Parking and Automated Valet Parking

Automated parking, connectivity and AI for an intelligent parking solutions.

Driverless driving and parking are important building blocks for tomorrow’s mobility

The key concept behind automatic parking is to plan and parameterize the basic control profiles of steering angle and speed in order to achieve the desired shape of the vehicle’s path within the available space. The parking maneuver is performed as a sequence of controlled motions using sensor data from the car servo systems and range measurements about the environment. The steering and velocity controls are computed in real time and executed. The approach results in various path shapes required to perform parking maneuvers.

The autonomous vehicle valet parking service (AVP) enables a vehicle to drive and park without any human interaction. The driverless vehicle has to follow the scheduled route and be parked in a parking lot automatically. Most fundamental technologies for autonomous vehicle valet parking service are controlling vehicle driving and parking. For autonomous driving, the path to near goal parking lot has to be generated and control commands to follow the path have to be generated continuously. For autonomous parking, the controlling vehicle steer value has to be found to park the vehicle at a parking lot well. We have used two turning radius circles to find vehicle steering control value about perpendicular and parallel parking method basically. These two vehicle turning radius circles are minimum radius circles in initial and are updated in real time as vehicle stop location in parking mode. In this paper, we have developed the control system for autonomous vehicle valet parking service in parking area with low speed limited.

Wide array of sensors constantly gather information from surroundings and vehicle.

Identify and classify sensed information.

Automated actions are based on Situational Awereness, AI, Machine Learning and rules.

Real-time or processed information from external services or other vehicles for exmple to weather, traffic, localization and path planning.

Collecting, Analyzing and Visualising Data

Unikie Drive is a cloud-based data collection platform that gathers data from various sensors, enhances the data from other sources, analyzes and visualizes the data.  Drive can used by various types of moving vehicles and machines. Combining Drive with 5G communications networks enables highly compelling low-latency V2X applications. Drive architecture is build to scale and meets all data privacy requirements.

Sensing the environment

Unikie AI Vision is a highly customizable sensor agnostics SW solution for self-driving vehicles and machines. AI Vision is capable of continuous and real-time 3D modeling of the environment with centimeter-level accuracy, utilizing information from  LiDARs, cameras, radars, GPS, and other sensors. It contains highly sophisticated  library of AI enabled algorithms for SLAM, object detection, tracking and classification as an example. Use case specific application layer enables powerful usage of AI Vision for various applications.

We are Unikie

We service all your needs in integrations, application development, embedded software, and IT systems testing. We have developed ready solutions for, among other things, technologies related to detecting the surrounding environment and tracking the flow of information in integrations. In addition to top-notch technical quality, we focus on producing straightforward and easy-to-use systems.

Secure and reliable software provider

Unikie is certified to TISAX 3 level, which means that Unikie’s operations meet the highest security standards set by the European automotive industry.

The criteria defined for the TISAX assessment level 3 concern companies that process highly sensitive product development information of their business partners.

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