Unikie AI Vision

Unikie AI Vision is a sensor fusion solution for real time detection

Unikie AI Vision is a highly developed total solution for self-driving vehicles and equipment. AI Vision is capable of continuous and real-time 3D modeling of the environment with centimeter-level accuracy, utilising – in addition to LiDAR – several other sensors such as stereo cameras, ultrasound radars, GPS, and acceleration transducers. An additional feature of AI Vision is the shape recognition with which moving persons and other environmental obstacles can be identified also in extreme conditions.

  • Hardware independent real-time software framework
  • Has advanced software engines for sensor fusion, machine learning, environment modeling and object recognition
  • Combines LiDAR, Camera and IMU information as one awareness from environment around
    Easy to customize for different applications and their specific needs
  • Has software APIs for quick adaptation

Machine vision will be vital part of future towards robotics

  • Automotive industry is pushing for autonomous driving
  • Autonomous driving and machinery needs new, fast deployment,
    safe and reliable cost efficiently technology

AI Vision verticals

  • Automotive
  • Mining and Construction
  • Military
  • Marine and Harbors
  • Agriculture
  • Foresty

Benefits of AI Vision

  • On next decade all major solutions will work in Hybrid ecosystems
    (Robotic solutions, Humans and AI solutions together at the same time inside
    same ecosystem)
  • Autonomous AI Hybrid solutions needs to be safe to use & operate,
    using reliable technology with cost efficient way
  • Only few solutions will be fully automated and isolated “robotic only” ecosystems

AI Vision for Industry Solutions

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