Unikie AI Vision for Industrial Solutions

Computer Vision Machine Learning | Sensor Fusion

Unikie AI Vision is a sensor fusion solution for real time detection

AI Vision allows computers to sense  as humans do through the acquisition, processing, and analysis of digital images and videos. Object Detection requires AI enabled algorithms to identify specific details within an image, such as bad quality in the production line.

Services for Manufacturing

Quality Management
Inventory Management
Assembly Line
Custom Object Detection

Unikie Heavy Machinery Solutions
Deployment can be even faster than in public traffic as machines are often operating in closed environments. Increased security or efficiency can also be monetized and measured easier than in cars.

Unikie Smart Port Solutions
By improved information exchange between the actors will contribute to higher efficiency and time saving in corridors, reduced transport time, higher transport predictability and improved sustainability and transport quality. Enable just-in-time arrivals of ships, just-in-time operations. and further on just-in-time integration with hinterland transportation leading to optimized turn-around processes.

Secure and reliable  software provider

Unikie is certified to TISAX 3 level, which means that Unikie’s operations meet the highest security standards set by the European automotive industry. The criteria defined for the TISAX assessment level 3 concern companies that process highly sensitive product development information of their business partners.

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