Unikie Communication

We create value for our carrier customers by enabling rapid deployment of the latest IP based voice and messaging solutions. Our products consist of 3GPP and GSMA standards compliant white-label mobile and desktop apps which we customize for the needs of our customers. Our turn-key delivery services include app customization, branding and store deployment services which enables carriers to launch unique and innovative services to their subscribers.

Utilize your IMS

The Unikie Voice apps are fully compatible with standard IMS networks and do not need any additional VoIP servers to be installed or integrated to the network. The apps follow the IR.92 specification as far as possible, meaning they register with SIP to IMS, authenticate against HSS user information and support the default HD VoLTE codecs such as AMR-WB.

Unikie Messaging RCS clients

Unikie Messaging clients are RCS Universal Profile accredited and available for Android handsets/tablets (version 4.4 and beyond), iOS handsets/tablets (version 10 and beyond) and PC/Mac devices. Unikie Messaging clients are natively embedded to mobile operating system UI and also offer an intuitive standalone and customizable app UI. The client is fully localizable and customizable to the Operator look & feel.

RCS expertise in one package

Over the years Unikie has tested and deployed RCS solutions in dozens of RCS networks and conducted technical interoperability programs with all major vendors. The results are now crammed into one multiplatform SDK along with documentation and example clients, to assist anyone developing RCS compliant solutions.

Location Share

The Geolocation feature is supported by Unikie Messaging as RCS Geolocation Push. This feature is available during chat or calls and uses the native maps application to pinpoint the user with GPS. The user can also opt to select another location from the map and share this location. Location share features in Unikie Messaging clients include geolocation of user with GPS, geocoding of location into an address, native notifications of incoming location share and location share history.

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