Unikie Business Messaging

RCS Business messaging allows Application-to-Person use cases offering richer features than the old school SMS text commands and faster service than calling to traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services at companies.

An RCS business messaging enabled phone client can interact with various business chatbots to get customer service, shop online or make travel reservations easily using their mobile phone messaging application. As a telco service, RCS business messaging does not require the user to register anywhere in order to use RCS business messaging, the subscriber identity of the SIM card is used to identify you.

The Unikie Business Messaging features include:

  • Chatbot directory support
  • Capability discovery of Chatbots
  • Chatbot Info retrieval
  • A2p Chatbot messaging including suggested replies, suggested actions, rich card, carousel
  • Chatbot verification and spam prevention

Unikie Business Messaging technology enables any handset or application to become RCS Business messaging capable. The Unikie RCS SDK supports RCS Business Messaging, according to the GSMA Universal Profile v2.3 specification and can be added as a library to an existing app to give it business messaging capabilities or run as a mobile device service in the phone and expose RCS APIs to system applications.

Unikie is also a provider of complete customizable RCS clients for Android, iOS, PC & Mac that can be downloaded by a consumer and instantly turn their devices into RCS capable devices.

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