Unikie Messaging

Unikie Messaging – Increase your data subscription ARPU

  • Rich messaging support with chats, group chats and file sharing
  • Business messaging support for Rich cards, suggested replies and actions and more
  • Google compliant RCS Universal Profile messaging support
  • SMS and MMS capability for backward compatibility
  • Share any kind of media files such as videos, docs and pictures
  • Supports Audio Messaging and Location share features

Unikie Messaging RCS clients

Unikie Messaging clients are RCS Universal Profile accredited and available for Android handsets/tablets (version 4.4 and beyond), iOS handsets/tablets (version 10 and beyond) and PC/Mac devices.

Unikie Messaging clients are natively embedded to mobile operating system UI and also offer an intuitive standalone and customizable app UI. The client is fully localizable and customizable to the Operator look & feel.

The most common delivery method for the clients are the Application Stores, but the Unikie Messaging clients can also be preloaded on OEM devices.

Unikie Messaging features

Capability discovery

For all RCS features, Unikie clients adopt the RCS based capability discovery mechanism to identify which contacts are RCS capable and what feature can be used for each contact. Unikie Messaging clients support capability discovery using both SIP Options and Presence based discovery. This allows a broader interworking with other clients.

1-to-1 chat

Unikie Messaging clients offers advanced SIP SIMPLE and CPM based Instant messaging features, including:

  • Message delivery notifications
  • Is typing notifications
  • Local chat history
  • Central message store
  • Store&forward functionality support
  • Native notifications of incoming messages
  • Multi-device support
  • Recent messages timeline
  • Unread message counters

Group chat

The group chat features of the Unikie Messaging client covers the same features as 1-to-1 chat. In addition, it offers the following:

  • Adding new group members
  • Re-joining and restarting group chats automatically when needed
  • Viewing group members info (availability)

Standalone Messaging

Standalone messaging is useful for backward compatibility with SMS/MMS messages. Unikie Messaging clients support Standalone Messaging for 1-to-1 chat and group chat, both with SIMPLE-IM and CPM protocols. Using Unikie Messaging clients with Standalone Messaging features makes it easy to integrate all SMS, MMS and RCS messaging in the network.

Audio Messaging

Audio messaging is a form of messaging where users can send each other voice messages by just holding and releasing a recording button in the Messaging UI. The recorded audio is sent to the recipient who can playback the message in his own client. The feature is supported according to RCS UP specifications.

File share

Unikie Messaging clients support MSRP and HTTP based sharing of any type of file (pictures, videos, camera images, music, movies, documents, etc) during 1-to-1 or group chat conversations or during calls (image share). File Transfer features include compression, large size warnings, real-time transfer progress indication, cancelling and resending. The max sizes of allowed file shares are fully configurable by the operator.

Contact Share

The Contact share feature allows users to share contact details to other users with standardized VCard formats, according the RCS specification. This allows sharing of contact details (phone numbers, name, addresses) between mobile and desktop users, regardless of what operating system they use.
With Unikie Messaging clients, the contact share is directly available in the messaging share function and is also available when opening any contact in with the Unikie Messaging client.

Location Share

The Geolocation feature is supported by Unikie Messaging as RCS Geolocation Push. This feature is available during chat or calls and uses the native maps application to pinpoint the user with GPS. The user can also opt to select another location from the map and share this location. Location share features in Unikie Messaging clients include geolocation of user with GPS, geocoding of location into an address, native notifications of incoming location share and location share history.

The Unikie Messaging client also offers a built-in navigation feature for any received location share. Whenever a user receives a location share, it’s possible to show the route from the user current location to the received location. The user will get detailed navigational instruction how to get there.

Multi-device support

Unikie Messaging apps support full multi-device functionality, when the same user has multiple devices registered to the same MSISDN. The Multi-Device feature includes:

  • Chat and Call invite forking to all registered devices
  • Message sync between devices
  • Contact sync between devices
  • RCS based GRUU and sip-instance methods
  • RCS Message store functionality.

Business Messaging

Unikie Messaging clients also supports RCS Business Messaging, according to the Universal Profile v2.3 specification. Business messaging allows Application-to-Person use cases, with richer features than the old school SMS texts. A business messaging enabled phone client can interact with various commercial chatbots to get customer service, shop online or make travel reservations easily using their mobile identity.

The Unikie Business Messaging features include:

  • Capability discovery between client and Chatbots
  • Chatbot Info retrieval
  • Receiving Chatbot message with suggested replies
  • Receiving Chatbot message with suggested actions
  • Receiving Chatbot rich card
  • Receiving Chatbot carousel
  • Receiving Chatbot multipart CPIM (replies, actions, richcards and carousel)
  • Blocking chatbots
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