Unikie Voice

Unikie Voice apps – Fast-track your IP voice service roll-out

  • Speed – Application stores allow rapid service launch and updates
  • Ease of deployment – Adds IP voice and messaging capabilities to any mobile phone
  • Reach – Downloadable apps can help you reach new customer segments
  • Enabler – Supports launch of built-in OEM solutions by supporting
    the same services on existing handsets of your subscribers via downloads

Unikie Voice over Wi-Fi – Retain your Voice and SMS ARPU

  • Automatically establishes native phone calls over Wi-Fi whenever possible
  • Extends in-door coverage using Wi-Fi networks
  • Enables high quality and low cost calls for roaming subscribers
  • Launch your VoWiFi service using apps with Unikie

Unikie Voice over LTE – Move faster to LTE only services

  • Automatically establishes native phone calls over LTE or any mobile data network
  • Allows LTE calls on devices without native VoLTE support
  • Carriers can provide 4G Voice services also for non-VoLTE devices (Android 4.4+, iOS10+)
  • Better voice quality, faster call setup, native dialer integration

Utilize your IMS

The Unikie Voice apps are fully compatible with standard IMS networks and do not need any additional VoIP servers to be installed or integrated to the network. The apps follow the IR.92 specification as far as possible, meaning they register with SIP to IMS, authenticate against HSS user information and support the default HD VoLTE codecs such as AMR-WB. Calls between the Unikie Voice apps and VoLTE and VoWiFi devices work smoothly as do CS break-out or break-in calls without changes in the network. As calls are routed via the same network elements as native VoLTE there are no additional network integrations nor new monitoring or charging integrations and call KPIs for VoIP app calls can be gathered directly from IMS as well.

Unikie Voice app feature set

The Unikie Voice apps support main IR.92 features:

  • SIP Registration and Authentication
  • Call establishment and termination
  • SIP Early Media
  • SIP Preconditions
  • RTP & RTCP
  • SDP negotiations
  • Caller information display (picture, name, number)
  • Numeric dial pad with DTMF tone support in different modes:
  • Loudspeaker and Bluetooth headset support
  • Dynamic session and codec parameter negotiation
  • Jitter buffer support
  • Echo cancellation support
  • Voice Activity Detector (VAD)
  • Comfort Noise Generator (CNG)
  • Perceptual Enhancement (PENH)
  • Packet Lost Concealment (PLC)
  • Call hold, resume and swap
  • Call forking to multiple clients on different devices (sip.instance & GRUU)
  • Multi-party conferencing
  • Automatic call handovers between mobile data and Wi-Fi networks
  • + other IR.92 supplementary service (waiting, forwarding, barring)

With these features, the Unikie Voice apps offers a familiar and standard voice experience.

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