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The automated parking solution developed by Unikie was showcased extensively at one of the world’s largest events within the automotive industry. For Unikie, the show was a success. We were able to showcase the precision, systematic operation, and performance of our solution in parking facility conditions.
Unikie is a newcomer in the Polish software development scene, but already a formidable player. Our Polish development team are involved with a number of development projects and R&D.
Unikie’s automated parking solution was part of the joint project of the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA. The solution turns mobility into an experience, in which the parking, washing, and charging of the car have been automated and are implemented without the driver.
People Business Partner Tiina Raittinen bears overall responsibility for the services of the Unikie’s People Operations team. Her operative area of responsibility is supporting people and business.
During the summer 2021 Unikie employed 14 summer interns to different positions around Unikie. Summer interns were supporting different teams, and helping for example Unikie’s people, finance, marketing and recruiting teams in different tasks.
The long life cycle of cars and the ongoing cloudification of devices pose a huge security challenge for the automotive industry. It is therefore clear that the field could urgently use more muscles and collaboration between different operators in the automotive industry.
Transferring to Unikie felt like a natural step in Jouni Salo’s career, since the role felt like a good combination of his areas of expertise and interests; industry-specific expertise from maritime and logistics industry, combined to business development.
Ossi Lerto is working as a part of the Customer Sales Engineer team at Unikie, where his role is to support Unikie’s project deliveries and sales, and work in the interface of business and technology. Ossi is doing delivery projects for Unikie’s clients and he’s also developing Unikie’s internal digital abilities.
Timo Metsänoja has been working at Unikie for about 1,5 years now as a Test Engineer. He joined Unikie in December 2019, because it felt like a good option for him – he already had friends and former colleagues working at Unikie, the work sounded exciting, and the salary was competitive.