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Our blog text generally deals with starting to work at Unikie, and how it felt. We also reflected on the working atmosphere at the office and our first day at work. We have different tasks that we go through daily. We took into consideration the working environment and its effects on our working etiquette, and finally we interviewed a summer employee working at another location.
After digital transformation more than 80% of companies appreciate additive manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Large data analytics and Overall Equipment Efficiency.
Managing the data means transformation of data into information. How to do that? Read our thoughts in the third chapter of Digital Transformation Tutorial.
Majority of the machinery used in production is capable of some data outputs. As well as service offering, data are available. The second step of digital transformation is all about collecting data.
Digital transformation is an educational process. First you start with learning about yourself – what and how you do. The first step of the journey is all about describing current processes and assets.
Digital transformation is not rocket science. All it takes is will and courage from the key people. This tutorial expects you have the courage for change. If you don’t have it yet, you will find the added value for your organization in the following chapters and hopefully you will see it is worth the effort.
The automated parking solution developed by Unikie was showcased extensively at one of the world’s largest events within the automotive industry. For Unikie, the show was a success. We were able to showcase the precision, systematic operation, and performance of our solution in parking facility conditions.
Unikie is a newcomer in the Polish software development scene, but already a formidable player. Our Polish development team are involved with a number of development projects and R&D.
Unikie’s automated parking solution was part of the joint project of the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA. The solution turns mobility into an experience, in which the parking, washing, and charging of the car have been automated and are implemented without the driver.