3D Thrill Ride called Unikie Board

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IMO – Opinion
Unikie People

We all love them don’t we? Roller coasters going fast, high and around, all kind of carousels spinning our equilibrioception to oblivion and various ingenuously engineered gadgets with water just waiting to irrigate the unsuspecting passers-by.

So, what is common to Unikie board and a thrill ride? A lot, actually. First, you never know exactly what to expect when you take a seat. Second, there are new surprises waiting for you behind every corner. And finally, no matter what happens, you know you can trust that the equipment and crew to get you to the finishing line safely and with a smile on your face.

On board level our year 2020 has been pretty active, to put it mildly. We started the year with new composition, grew well among the challenging economic environment, enlarged and organized our international daughter company network, nominated our CEO and closed major funding rounds with investors as well as Business Finland – and are closing this year again with again updated board composition with our investors on board. With all this done I feel we are exceptionally well prepared for the coming year and expect it to be yet another record-breaking ride making one’s hair look like you just came out from a DeLorean in 2050’s when we are done.

This year has also been quite a thrill ride to all people around to globe. For some, it has not been a safe or pleasant one. Yet, as fellow Unikiens I hope you share my view on our company – it is an interesting yet nicely challenging ride while I feel safe and proud to be on board. Thanks for sharing the ride and have a safe and relaxing holiday!

Your Chairman of the Board,
Tommi Rasila

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