How long will a car have a steering wheel?

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Autonomous steering solutions are already in use today and in the near future we will see considerably more of them. Large-scale solutions may, however, require a longer wait, as autonomous driving comprises many types of problems what comes to law, administration and standardization.

A wide range of more limited environments, such as short automated public transport connections, port areas, logistics, mining, construction and forest industries provide environments and application areas, where autonomous steering solutions can already be applied. Commercial applications can quickly be identified in these areas, to be rapidly used to increase security, among other things.

A genuine need to act

Approximately 1.3 million people are killed in traffic accidents each year, an estimated 90% caused by human error. With the help of technology, we can reduce the amount of human error by added vision in all directions. Machine vision and sensors detect and anticipate situations that could easily be overlooked by humans.

Casualties caused by autonomous traffic are naturally very debated and have received a lot of media attention. Still road safety can significantly be improved with fast improvements. Looking at the development of the population pyramid, it becomes apparent that helping elderly people with their mobility will be one of the most significant future challenges. It is therefore obvious that this is an area where much can be developed and gained.

It is estimated that traffic automation will accelerate, but may still take years, or even decades. Partial solutions can be created at a faster pace, but comprehensive development is slower. In the industrial sector, this change is however faster, and new technology is instantly utilized.

To sum it up, autonomous driving and related technological innovations alleviate multiple areas and industries. Improved shape recognition enables the industry to utilize machine vision, increasing security in many ways.

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Esko Mertsalmi
CEO, Unikie

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