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After working 10 years as an Embedded System Engineer in Iran, Saleh Mehdikhani started to look for challenges from abroad. He decided to apply to Unikie, as he was looking for an international company that would be based in the Nordics, and Unikie offered interesting embedded software engineering projects that caught his attention.
Unikie invests heavily in, among other things, the development of wireless radio technology and resources. This also raised the interest of this Tampere-based wireless radio technology team of experts, who selected Unikie from among several job offers.
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The Chairman of the Board, Tommi Rasila tells about the year 2020 in Unikie board: “So, what is common to Unikie board and a thrill ride? A lot, actually. First, you never know exactly what to expect when you take a seat.”
In 2020 we’ve seen self-driving cars taking a huge leap forward. It’s time to take a look at where the field is at the moment and what to expect.
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Predictive maintenance tutorial for data scientists and programmers. Read the intro to predictive maintenance concepts and check the tutorial on GitHub.
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Teemu Yllikäinen started at Unikie’s customer project as a FullStack Developer at the beginning of September. Mainly for family reasons, he once again jumped into coding when Unikie offered a great opportunity for this.
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The number of employees at Unikie has increased to more than 300. Jussi Ahola has started at Unikie Helsinki office at beginning of August.
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Predictive maintenance can significantly increase productivity even with moderate efforts. Here is how to build a business case and calculate benefits.
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The trip they embarked on at the end of March, starting from the border of Mexico and following a string of nature reserves towards the Canadian border, is going according to plan.