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Unikie is taking part for the third summer in a row in the Kilometrikisa cycling challenge.
On Tuesday, Unikie launched, in cooperation with Edzcom, a SMART PORT 2.0 – JUST IN TIME webinar series, introducing the prospects of smart ports in the increasingly digitalised and automated operating environment.
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A few years ago, software developer Lasse Räihä from Oulu was considering entrepreneurship as the next step in his career.
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Telecommuting has become the norm for many knowledge workers during the corona pandemic.
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Seasoned IT professional and Ph.D. Erkka Niemi took on the challenge of becoming Unikie’s new Chief Technology Officer in January.
CTO, Palo Alto, R&D, Technology
Unikie’s Talent Agent, Minne Dima, has taken a daring breakaway from the daily grind together with her husband Oliver. Last week, they packed their backpacks and crossed the Atlantic to go hiking.
I just read a book from Helena Åhman. There is a story of Bison in a sand storm. What do they do? They go directly headwind towards the oncoming dust storm.
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The rally car concept of the three-year Ultra project was presented to the public.
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Automotive industry is in the middle of unforeseen disruption, shaking the fundamentals of the whole industry.
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