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Unikie Oy is a fast growing international company in software development. We are looking for new partners and employees.
Business, Development, Growth
Neusoft’s business acquisition brought Unikie a new mobile product family offering IP-based voice and communication services in the international market.
acquisition, RCS, Voice & Messaging
ConCar Expo is the largest European trade show for automated driving, connected car, Car2Car, Car2X and Car2mobile solutions.
ConCar Expo, Events
The GSMA Future Networks IOT team has awarded Full Accreditation status for Unikie Messaging Android apps.
Accreditation, GSMA, Messaging, RCS
Unikie bought Neusoft’s business in Finland. This will strengthen Unikie’s car software development expertise.
acquisition, Neusoft
Unikie’s cutting edge AI and Self-Driving Vehicles Demo evening was held in Palo Alto, USA, on Tuesday May 8th.
ai, Automotive, Autonomous Drive, Events
Investing in the software development of self-driving devices, Unikie is expanding its operations to Turku.
Business, Growth, Office
Unikie’s cutting edge AI and Self-Driving Vehicles Demo evening is approaching in Palo Alto, USA on Tuesday, May 8th.
Events, Future, Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence is expected to solve a host of challenges. Lidar applications and sensor fusion play a major role in this.
ai, Deep Tech, Hack Day, lidar

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