People are at the core of Tiina Raittinen’s work: “As a people team, we support the success of both the individual and the community”

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The People Operations team responsible for Unikie’s human resources grew in March when Tiina Raittinen joined the team as People Business Partner. The seasoned HR professional has been systematically building her career path for over ten years already. When her fixed-term contract in another IT company was coming to an end, technology company Unikie made it onto her radar. As a rapidly growing scale-up, Unikie seemed like an option worth considering in terms of career development.

“Unikie piqued my interest as a creator of modern technology. Additionally, when I looked further into the company’s background regarding both growth figures and personnel profiles, I was convinced that the company could truly use my expertise. They reacted positively to my suggestions and now I am here full of enthusiasm to support the growth of Unikie through my human expertise”, Tiina explains her path to Unikie.

At Unikie, Tiina bears overall responsibility for the services of the People Operations team. Her operative area of responsibility is supporting people and business.  In addition to this, Tiina is responsible for various development projects and competence development. As a team, People Operations provides services related to leadership, competence development and well-being, not forgetting the responsibility for the cultural development and administrative work of the organization.

Focus on individuals as well as business goals

What intrigues Tiina most in HR is versatility and variety of the work. It combines people and business with their goals in an exciting way.

“You can develop things and help people”, Tiina opens the appeal of human work.

Tiina says she is an analytical and goal-oriented developer who wants to think about cause-and-effect relationships. Behind the goal-orientation, however, is an empathetic person. According to Tiina, there must be a certain softness when working with people, but at the same time one must be determined and strict to take care of difficult things.

“Sometimes difficult situations arise that require intervention. In interaction situations, I always try to identify a person’s emotional state. Although there are difficult discussions, the goal is to create the best possible feeling for all parties”, Tiina says.

“You have to remember that the people team is a representative of both the company and the people. A win-win situation must be found in every situation, it is absolutely important”, Tiina emphasizes.

You can hear the principles of modern HR and leadership in the way Tiina talks. She highlights the importance of seeing a person as a whole and respecting them, as well as showing empathy towards others and understanding diversity as part of a healthy organization.

“In a modern organization, there can be disagreement about things, and it can be said out loud without fear”, Tiina sums up her thoughts.

The other side of modern human work is doing the right things on time. It all starts with identifying the purpose of your mission and the existence of the team. Development work is done by the method of continuous improvement, in small pieces.

“The goal of the human team is to help business and people achieve their goals. Working life is moving at a wild pace. The human team must be on the edge of time and react to the right things in a timely manner”, Tiina explains.

Meaningful work and room to grow create well-being

There are over 400 software industry experts working at Unikie for whom meaningful work is the highest priority. In a specialist organization, the ability to develop one’s own expertise and advance one’s career play an important role.

“Professional development and facilitating career paths are an extremely important part of our work in HR. We want to understand and support the competence potential of our employees and its development even better, not just for the sake of an individual’s personal development but also for the sake of our business”, Tiina states.

Human resource management is so much more. It aims to support the general business plan and strategic direction especially in the fields of leadership, professional development, well-being, organizational development, and employment management.

“I believe that communality, autonomy, and capability combined with well-being, meaningful work, and the possibility to grow best creates well-being and commitment to the organization. As a team, we strive to support this”, Tiina recounts her thoughts.

Tiina praises Unikie’s People Operations team as a highly dedicated bunch who do their work with all their hearts.

“As a team we are still new, but we have already found a good direction to do together. I do my operative work side by side with Laura (Eve). Laura is responsible for staff commitment and culture building, while my focus is supporting management. Additionally, our team is complemented by Noora (Mykkänen), Kristiina (Eloranta) and Carita (Lang) through administrative and support tasks”, Tiina explains and adds that engagement is an important part of working and leadership for her.

“I cheer for collaboration and engagement. I want to involve people extensively, of course within each of my own interests and roles. At the moment there are e.g. development topics related to competence development, community and the internal workings of the People Operations team”, Tiina opens her team’s plans.


Photo: Laura Tammisto / Studio Torkkeli




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