Strong growth needs strong excellence – this experienced team chose Unikie

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Unikie invests heavily in, among other things, the development of wireless radio technology and resources, which are part of our Secure Connectivity business area. There are many technologies and solutions based on the models of future business, mapping (HD Mapping) and observation (Situational Awareness) that can be utilized in consumer markets, businesses and more critical public and defense functions.


There are top-class experts and technological know-how in Finland focused around the key areas of Unikie’s operations, but the battle for the best experts is also fierce. At Unikie, we have made a significant effort to ensure that the DNA of our business model itself enables the best conditions and rewards for the best experts. However, just a good financial investment does not make the best experts happy. The ability to offer top experts challenging and interesting development projects and projects is essential. Because our goal since the beginning has been to bring together the best experts in an environment where development is inspiring and challenging, we focus on acquiring spearhead projects that you may not have the opportunity to work with elsewhere. That is why we are happy to see that top experts have found us, our expertise is valued and hard-working experts want to be involved in developing extremely interesting technologies and solutions with us.

A Tampere-based wireless radio technology team of experts, who have accumulated technological experience in the development of wireless applications and systems for a total of more than 130 years came to a similar conclusion. The team was released from the service of their previous employer and quickly mobilized interested employers from large players in the technology, telecom and defense sectors, as well as many international players who were considering establishing country operations in Finland to accommodate the team.


“Discussions with Unikie progressed rapidly in good spirits and our already strong view of Unikie’s interesting and demanding projects grew. It’s great that we found mutual ground and view of the future. As a team, we are very excited to join Unikie’s top experts, ”says Timo Manninen, the team’s technical project manager. He has 18 years of research and development experience under his belt in the field of consumer electronics and 11 years of experience in product development management in radio technology teams at Nokia, Microsoft and PowerVision.

Rauno Vänni, the business developer of Unikie’s Secure Connectivity business and who has worked at Unikie for a long time, is also very satisfied with the situation.

“Such know-how is rarely available on this scale, and I am very pleased that such an experienced team is interested in joining our projects, where there is a dire need for their capabilities and knowledge,” he says. “This tells us that our operating model creates a win-win situation where top experts and spearhead projects find each other”.


Nevertheless, the work of a business developer is never done – we constantly have opportunities for top experts, and even now we are looking for experts for whom RISC-V, HW Engineering, SW Security Architecture, Validation Engineering, RUST SW Development, PEN Test Engineering, sel4 / Hypervisor, Yocto, Microkernel or FPGA Development are familiar. In addition to Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS and NFC technologies, Timo Manninen’s team has experience in PCB development, modem and RF SW development, RF simulation and optimization, certification and production, and comprehensive productization.

Do you have development skills in telecommunications, equipment, networks, systems or applications? We need your skills. Contact Rauno Vänni or our recruitment team to discuss your skills and what it is like to work at Unikie together with our highly talented technology experts. Here you can find out about open positions that we are specifically looking for experts right now.

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