Unikie participates in the development of remotely operated and autonomous vessels

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Tekes and Rolls-Royce have announced Rolls-Royce’s plans to establish a research centre for remotely controlled and autonomous platforms and artificial intelligence in Turku. The centre will commence operations already this year. Rolls-Royce’s development centre will cooperate closely with the ecosystem for autonomous shipping that launched at the end of last September. The ecosystem brings together global pioneers and resourceful ICT startup companies. The goal is to create the first unmanned shipping solutions and an associated network by 2025. Rolls-Royce is one of the parties involved in the ecosystem.

Piia Moilanen, the head of Tekes’ Arctic Seas programme, stated that Tekes has committed to funding the development of the ecosystem and promoting the introduction of new innovations onto the market in the upcoming years.
– An example of this is the recent decision to fund the significant DIMECC Design for Value (D4V) -cooperation project between 11 companies and 9 research facilities. The goal of the project is to anticipate changes in maritime logistics value chains brought about by digitalization, Moilanen added.

Unikie is one of the startup companies included in the funding decision. For Unikie, this presents an important opportunity to participate in the development of the platform for autonomous shipping using its own point cloud know-how and LiDAR radar system application.
– We have invested remarkably in the development of our LiDAR application for the motor industry. Participation in the D4V project is a fantastic opportunity for Unikie to expand the development of our point cloud know-how onto the maritime industry, stated Unikie’s managing director Esko Mertsalmi in praise of the support received from Tekes.

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