Unikie’s Open House Event filled the Tampere Office

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Unikie opened their doors to the public and celebrated the opening of their new office in Hervanta, Tampere, Tuesday 14th of May. The hundred guests, mainly composed of clients, partners and employees, were introduced to the new premises, learned about the company’s latest news and experienced the Autonomous Drive -demo featuring Unikie’s Rav4 car. The demo was used to illustrate Unikie’s AI Vision platform-based machine vision and shape recognition solutions, enabling cars and other equipment to detect and dodge persons or obstacles.

The warm-hearted event was complemented by magician-mentalist Miika Korkatti’s brilliant tricks and troubadour Annika Nord’s live music performance. The performances could be enjoyed while savouring refreshments and snacs, along the more formal program. Unikie wishes to thank all those who participated in the event for their interest in the company’s operations.

People, food and drinks at Unikie's open doors event


The Autonomous Drive demo was used to visualize machine vision and character recognition solutions based on Unikie’s AI Vision platform, which enable cars and other machines to recognize and dodge the impending person or obstacle. Watch the video demo on Tuesday.


Founded in 2015, Unikie has grown into a major software development company in Finland. Last year’s consolidated revenue was approximately EUR 16 million. The company provides software development services and develops high-tech software development solutions for the technology industry. Unikie employs over 250 software developers in Tampere, Turku, Helsinki, Oulu, Kuopio and Kokkola. In addition, the company has offices in Palo Alto and Berlin. Clients include M-Files, Ponsse, Sandvik, Sanoma, Solita, Valmet and Yliopiston Apteekki.

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