What is it like to work as a test engineer at Unikie?

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Unikie People

Timo Metsänoja has been working at Unikie for about 1,5 years now as a Test Engineer. He joined Unikie in December 2019, because it felt like a good option for him – he already had friends and former colleagues working at Unikie, the work sounded exciting, and the salary was competitive.

Timo has been working in different quality assurance related consulting projects already before he joined Unikie. His work has previously focused mostly on telecom sector and error management, working with mobile phones and other smaller projects. During his career Timo spent a while in software development, but later he transitioned back to testing.

Timo Metsänoja sitting in Unikie's Toyota RAV4 test car “It is interesting to test things that other people have created and basically blow things up”, Timo laughs.

He thinks that searching for errors is fun work, especially when you have good teammates to work with.

“You get to learn a lot of new things when you search for flaws and errors. Especially when the project changes, you get exposure to new challenges and things don’t get boring”, Timo says.


Driving testing with Unikie cars

For the past 1,5 years that Timo has been working at Unikie, he has been involved in the same automotive sector client project. His daily tasks include driving tests with Unikie’s car to our customer. They collect data on how the phones perform with the client’s application and also on what the car sees and experiences during the drive compared to what the phone experiences and sees. In other words, Timo and his team are testing how well the phone works and its compatibility with the application.

The project itself is challenging due to the hectic environment.

“This doesn’t really suit someone who prefers organized way of doing thigs”, says Timo.

However, with a good team they have been able to get results and improve the application.

Working with automotive sector was a new field for Timo when he joined Unikie. So far, he has been enjoying the new challenge, and he sees a great potential in the market.

Good teamwork makes the work fun

What Timo says to really enjoy while working at Unikie is the good team spirit and working culture.

“It seems that the company has really focused on right things and finding right persons into the company”, Timo says.

For Timo, good teamwork is an important aspect of his job.

“Having a good team spirit is equally important with interesting tasks in your work. In a good team, with good teammates everything just works smoothly. There are examples of some companies, where there have been micromanagement issues or where the collaboration within teams hasn’t worked so well. That reduces the motivation”, he says.

At Unikie, the work is more independent than in some other places where Timo has previously been working. That brings also flexibility and Timo can choose when and where he wants to work.

“Despite the independent nature of the work itself, you can always get help if you need it”, he sums up.

According to Timo, the good team spirit is visible all around the organization, and you can see that people are enjoying their work.

“The management has been able to bring good working methods to Unikie”, says Timo.

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