Summer job at Unikie

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Our blog text generally deals with starting to work at Unikie, and how it felt. We also reflected on the working atmosphere at Tampere Hermia office and our first day at work. We have different tasks that we go through daily. We took into consideration the working environment and its effects on our working etiquette, and finally we interviewed a summer employee working at another location.


Starting at Unikie

After sending the application, the job interview was handled casually by phone. If in itself the call wasn’t exciting enough, once we started talking the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. After agreeing on the starting day of the summer work, the waiting for the day begun. Our first day started with everyone nervous, but throughout the day the tension decreased. Our supervisors were really nice and encouraging, leading to a relaxed workflow, without unnecessary tension.


Work atmosphere

The reception at Unikie was delightful and we felt very welcome right away. The first day of the summer job was considered relaxed, familiarizing ourselves with the working space and other summer interns and employees while we played Mölkky a game similar to lawn bowling. At Unikie everyone is considered, greeted and asked how they are doing. During the first days of working here we noticed that everyone gets help when asked for it.

Unikies excellent work atmosphere helps with getting up for work as it is always more comfortable when there is a good atmosphere at work. In addition, various occasions like pizza Fridays bring relaxation for the workplace and a positive attitude.



At Unikie we have multiple different work duties to do. Career story interviews, writing them into career stories, and assessing competing businesses career stories. We have also done different assistant duties like returning bottles and watering plants.

Another task is to research sustainable development and responsibility and everything that is included in it and how Unikie relates to sustainable development. In the reflection, competing companies and their thoughts about sustainable development and responsibility have been considered.

At Unikie we got to know other companies and especially to think about possible new customers to whom we could offer our expertise with different projects.

The last project was this blog post which we also illustrated ourselves.


Work environment

Unikie’s workstation locations are in a convenient location near public transport. Workplaces are nice and spacious and well furnished. Unikie has invested in good devices for work. There are also many different working and break spaces. Plus, snacks and drinks are always available. The air in the rooms is suitably cool and fresh, and various houseplants bring a nice color to the office.

Selma Remander is one of the summer employees at the Turku office, but she works remotely. Remander said that the beginning was really exciting, but it went well. The excitement was increased by the responsibility of the work compared to, for example, Hesburger. Remander thinks that working has been nice and time passes quickly. Remander’s job has been to test the application with the given test cases on the phone and web browser, i.e. she has been an assistant tester. “The work environment is pleasant. You can get help with problems and the Odoo application from the instructor”, Remander says. The director received good feedback from Remander.

All of us summer workers consider Unikie a good place to work. Take it easy and don’t stress too much.


Creators: Joni Riikola, Evi Mertsalmi, Viljami Annala and Ida-Maria Sikiö


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