Talent Agent Minne Dima goes for a change of scenery to walk across the US

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Unikie’s Talent Agent, Minne Dima, has taken a daring breakaway from the daily grind together with her husband Oliver. Last week, they packed their backpacks and crossed the Atlantic to go hiking. During their six-month break, the couple intends to tackle one of the world’s longest hiking trails – the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), a whopping 4,300-kilometre journey. It travels from one natural park to another along the US west coast; from the border of Mexico all the way to the Canadian border.

Minne is in charge of recruiting at Unikie and has been working there for 18 months. During that time, the company has grown tremendously, and the number of personnel has doubled to 280 people. Recruiting is challenging and pressing work in a rapidly growing company. Minne, however, feels at home with her hectic and fast-paced work.

– I like to see things happening, treading water is not my thing. In these 18 months I have had the chance to do and see a whole lot, Minne says happily.

Successful growth requires being able to constantly hire the right kind of workers. Minne’s duties as a member of the recruiting team have included allocating personnel resources in Unikie’s new and existing projects. Most of this recruiting takes place as new recruitment, but the team also handles subcontractors’ personnel and internal employees moving from one project to another.

Everyday tasks include contacting interesting professionals, interviewing, coordinating recruitment processes, replying to resourcing requests, and proposing suitable employees to open positions. There is a lot of communication with partners, within your own team, and between other Unikie teams. Recruiting work is very diverse and there are many goals to meet.

– I really enjoy my work, and I think it shows and has a positive effect on many things. I set my own targets high and wish to succeed. That is important in this work. I can work in a hectic environment and make quick decisions, says this Master of Economic Sciences from the University of Oulu.

For the next six months, the hectic daily grind will give way to letting your mind wonder freely. Minne believes that stepping back and allowing more time to your own thoughts will be nothing but a good thing.

– The past year and a half has been quite busy, and now will be a good time for an inventory: what has happened in this time, where have I succeeded, where could I develop some more, and what are my next goals. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time there will be to let your mind rest and allow room for different ideas during that 4,300-kilometre walk. Maybe I’ll realise something I don’t see coming yet, Minne muses.

In a small recruiting team, coping for six months without one key person is no small matter. At Unikie, measures have been taken well in advance to prepare for Minne’s absence. A small team has the advantage of everyone doing everything – this way there are no gaps as to expertise or performance.

– We have great people in recruiting. Also, two new awesome people will start working for us in March, so I have no qualms putting on my backpack and heading out to the trails, tells Minne.

Pack up and head out towards the Canadian border

Spending six months walking across the US sounds rather utopian when you stop to think about it. That’s how it seemed to Minne at first too, as Oliver brought it up about three years ago – and he was serious about it from the get-go. But here they are now – embarking on a great adventure together.

A lot of preparation has gone into this trip, not only at the workplace but also in everyday life. There have been so many practical things to handle, from putting their home up for rent to acquiring all the equipment needed for the trip. Everything went as planned all the way until recent weeks. Then the coronavirus emerged, and nothing has been easy since then.

The travel ban from Europe to the US issued by Donald Trump was the first major challenge. This was overcome by setting out on the same day the ban was announced – that’s one week ahead of schedule. Minne may be quick with her decisions and actions in the hectic office environment, but she’s no less decisive in her free time.

– It took them five minutes to make the final decision to go. We had to decide then and there, no time to analyse the situation from different angles. So, we booked our flights, jumped to our feet, and started packing stuff to take into storage with speed that would have broken all world records in the category of moving. Six hours after wakeup, we were sitting in a taxi and on our way to the airport.

The couple arrived in Los Angeles a few hours before the ban on entry came into effect. Thus, the first obstacle had been tackled. That was not the only challenge related to the coronavirus, they keep mounting up, but so far, they have managed to clear them all. They may have had some shortcomings in their equipment due to expedited packing, but Californian stores have provided all the required items.

– If all goes well and we’re able to acquire all the missing items during this week, we can head out to the hiking trails. Our planned PCT starting day isn’t until March 29, but we’re taking off as soon as we’re ready. It does feel funny, going on this massive and challenging hiking trip with the state of world affairs being what it is. But then again, I believe that once we hit the trails things will work out.

– I guess I’m just a firm believer in guts and the adage of where there’s a will, there’s a way. I don’t know if that’s enough, but we’re about to see, says Minne.

You can read about the trip’s eventful beginning in Minne’s blog in Finnish, Täysin rinkoin (Full pack). The blog will showcase the developments of the couple’s trip across the US. Photos are coming too, check them out in the taysinrinkoin Instagram account. Unikie will walk together with Minne and Oliver, relaying news along the trails, mainly using Unikie’s social media channels.

Have great experiences and a safe trip, Minne and Oliver!

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