Humans, processes, machines and vehicles – securely connected in realtime leveraging artificial intelligence.

We develop technology from sensor fusion data through a secure connection to continuous awareness-based control and decision making. Our technology covers all IoE by combining state-of-the-art customer-driven software development expertise, IoT, computer networks and artificial intelligence.

Our customers are the pioneers of real-time data utilization, e.g. mines, ports, and other closed industrial environments where demanding logistical environments with multiple actors benefit from continuous situational awareness. Our experienced developers combine their in-depth technological know-how with the customer’s know-how, creating customized solutions directly for the needs of the industry and the customer. The technology created by Unikie helps our customers develop into forerunners of digital transformation in their own industries.

One important aspect of real-time decision-making is information security. The integrity and reliability of network traffic are critical. That is why ensuring secure data traffic is one of our key product development areas. Our technology development platforms are the result of years of experience in customer projects and internal development projects in which we have decided to invest.

Our deep technology professionals are currently working on numerous technology development projects, and we also do our own research and development work to develop technology platforms. Thanks to successful projects and our salary model that attracts top developers, we have been able to invest in our chosen technology platforms and develop resources in three technology areas.

Edge AI & Realtime DATA FOR INDUSTRY 4.0

New deep technology, low-latency networks and secure data transfer and the enablers of an entirely new age of industrialization. Our technologies and development are centered in the heart of these enablers.

Industrial processes can highly benefit from utilization of our technology assets. Basically all processes in manufacturing, factories and other facilities can be automated and artificial intelligence can be implemented to increase efficiency, minimize errors and reduce personnel and production security risks. Processes can be adjusted and enhanced even during production using the realtime monitoring and analytics. Our technologies can be leveraged in various industrial use cases. We take full advantage of IoE technologies enabling secure Machine-to-Machine communication while integrating and monitoring the entire environment.

Secure communications Technology Stack

The world is continuously moving more and more towards realtime economy and systems, which are depending on critical data traffic. Securing the data is, in our opinion, a key factor in creating a sustainable and successful society. Our technology, created in Finland, is secure and reliable. We want to take part in creating an intelligent, data secure society and world.

Critical information and data requires connections, systems and devices with the utmost security. That is why security is in the backbone of our technology assets and especially when it comes down to networks and connectivity or applications. Our system-level technology skillset includes:

  • Operating Systems
  • Frameworks
  • Embedded Systems
  • Hardware (HW) Platforms
  • Networks/Protocols
  • System Hardening
  • Virtualization
  • Languages