Connected vehicles and machines

Technologies for V2X and M2X communications.

Connected Vehicles

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and Machine-to-everything (M2X) communications are reinventing the power of connected vehicles and machines in an abundance of industries. Unikie’s technologies for V2X and M2X communications allow the passing of information from a vehicle/machine to any entity that may affect the vehicle/machine, and vice versa.

Our technology assets enable our customers to improve safety, efficiency and productivity, reduce machine downtime, as well as optimize road maintenance and logistics through local and focused information and alerts. The V2X or M2X communication can even allow autonomous driving in diverse conditions via realtime transmission of safety critical control information.

Development of World-Class Connectivity Solutions.

Unikie’s expertise and experience covers the whole V2X/M2X communication system that incorporates other more specific types of communication, such as V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and M2M (machine-to-machine), V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure), V2N (vehicle-to-network), V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian), V2D (vehicle-to-device) and V2G (vehicle-to-grid).

We offer intelligent connectivity and data aggregation solutions for vehicles, machines, fleets, and sensors using current technologies (e.g. ITS-G5, LTE) and 5G enhancements. We can distribute the service architectures and data processing closer to the network edge (e.g. ETSI MEC) for scalability and low latencies. Our technologies aim to enhance the situational awareness and intelligence of automated vehicles and machines with novel services relying on sensor data and information from multiple sources.

Improving safety.

V2X communication systems require a stable wireless link to maximize the throughput of information, which increases driver safety. To ensure a good wireless link, receivers must be able to detect signals even under the worst conditions. For us, replicating these conditions in a lab is a must. It requires high-performance test equipment capable of generating/analyzing the V2X signals, the required fading conditions and satellite signals for highly accurate positioning.

Well-established vehicle and machine sensors already provide information about distances and velocities, but sharing information from the vehicle/machine to everything also allows knowledge of critical traffic situations and collisions so that the driver or the vehicle can initiate countermeasures to avoid accidents or create a better traffic flow.