Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Technologies for sensory and visual interfaces for machines and vehicles.

HMI is expanding from touch to perception.

At Unikie, we develop digital user interface technologies for various applications. Our technologies cover the entire scope from basic physical interfaces for input and control to visual information dashboards and perception of what or how the human user is doing. The systems and applications can react to touch, gestures, facial expressions or attributes such as the direction the users eyes are pointing to or if the users eyes are open or closed using our technology assets.

Unikie’s technologies around HMI are designed to support all operating systems and platforms.

Our technology is compatible with your environment.

Unikie’s technology assets are designed with lean processes and utilizing open source whenever possible. If necessary, our technology can be hardened to offer maximum connection and user security. Our technology design solutions utilize API’s and access points in your current systems and applications to ensure compatibility. No matter what your platform is, we have full-stack development and know-how to engineer a working and stable solution using the best technology available.


We have years of fruitful journey together with Automotive OEMs. Soon also new car owners can experience the latest HMI technical solutions in Vehicle Infotainment Systems.

Unikie has been providing its competences on different domains in IVI-projects. Our focus has been on Navigation HMI and underlying services. Unikie’s HMI team has been audited with SWEEP (Software Engineering Evolution Program) by our customers with good scores.

Along with the best practices our teams have done high quality development work and delivered on time. Our team is already on its way to make the next OEM more than happy.

Some key technologies and features which we have developed together with our customers:

  • Real time traffic information over the VICS WIDE, IR beacons and ETC2.0
  • Seamless integration of Electronic Toll Collection(ETC) with navigation HMI
  • Providing driving safety features based on DSSS
  • Detour feature based on the several traffic sources
  • Two display solution in addition to cluster