Bringing a full range of vision to AI and Machine Vision.


To us, sensor fusion is the process of merging data from multiple sensors, cameras, radars, LiDARs and other devices capable of reducing the amount of uncertainty that may be involved in a robotic or artificial intelligence process involving navigation, motion, identification or task performing. Sensor fusion helps in building a more accurate world model in order for the machine, vehicle, device or system to act more successfully and accurately based on the situation at hand.

Using our technology asset, AI Vision, we are able to interpret, analyze and know what the actual situation is. In short – we can see through walls.

Why settle for impaired viewing capabilities?

Our sensor fusion technology increases redundancy, being able to view the surrounding environment with not just one way, but by perception enabled through various different ways. The same ecosystem can utilize the best sensor, camera, radar, LiDAR or any other source of data for the specific task at hand, offering a full 3D vision of every aspect of the environment with incredible precision.

Partners and cooperation.

We are not locked down to specific sensors, cameras or providers. Instead, we can utilize an unlimited ecosystem of sensory offering. However, we have partnerships and cooperation with many developers and manufacturers of sensors, cameras, LiDARs etc. Do we support the sensors you are using? With high probability. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.



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